Pre-teen K-Pop Group Debuts

Yep – their average age is 10. New girl group Girl Story features Kim Hye In (9), Lee Yoon Jung (9), Kim Yu Ri (10), and Kim Chae Young (11), all of whom are in elementary school and most were child stars acting in dramas. They made their official debut on Wednesday and raised a lot of concerns.

Not a surprise, considering their debut track “Pinky Pinky” already contains some questionable lyrics (a line includes the phrase “hit on me” – uh, say whut?), and their promotional photos have them wearing cute, but skimpy, outfits. I don’t mind young singers whose selling point is their voice – but when it comes to Korean pop groups, I have a built-in distrust when seeing them debut. They’re all manufactured, and meant to sell. Unfortunately sex sells; looks sell. So I’m not too keen on seeing a new pop group debut at this age. They’re probably going to be tied down to doing these for a while – all the way til their teens and early twenties. They’re already child actors – must they be exposed to more of the limelight?

source: chosun ilbo, allkpop


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