Joo Jin Mo and Lee Da Hae Costar in New Film

Joo Jin Mo and Lee Da Hae will be costarring in a film called “Coffee.” What is up with everyone and their coffee obsession nowadays? Coffee House, Coffee Prince, Kang Ji Hwan‘s play “Caffeine” or “Cafe In,” coffee coffee coffee.

Anyways – this film is a historical one and recounts the story of Korea’s first female barista (played by Lee) serving King Gojong in the early 1900s. It’s based on the book “Russian Coffee” by Kim Tak Hwan. Joo will play a swindler/double agent from Russia.

As the story goes, King Gojong was the first to drink Western coffee in Korea, which was introduced to him by the Russians. The film also is based on the fact that Japan had sent spies to assassinate King Gojong before he declared Korea’s independence.

Hm – another historical for Lee; will audiences nitpick her fair skin, clean clothes, and shiny nails again for two hours?

source: asiae


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