News Bits: 12/28/10 Edition

Here’s a little update on the current status of dramas I am watching:

Runaway Plan B: Saw the end. I think this drama requires better, sit down, marathon viewing the moment I get on a holiday. I need to give it more attention than just skimming it. Either way, still think Daniel Henney is lame – his character I mean.

Queen of Reversals: Stuck at episode 6. Will move forward the moment Harvest Villa is done. The extension makes me move more slowly. Speaking of which…

Harvest Villa: Up to episode 11 (yay! Moved one episode forward!) and will be watching more. Am loving the mystery around Lee Bo Young‘s character. Finding it amusing that the two brothers are always in the middle of some mystery involving Bok Kyu and Seo Rin.

Secret Garden: Episodes 11-12 were a snooze fest. Really. But based on recaps, episode 13-14 seem to bring the momentum back. Am glad to hear that there is another body swap – if the selling point before the drama aired was the body swap, then you gotta make the most of it!

ATHENA: Please don’t disappoint!

But the preview above of next week’s episode shows BoA making her guest appearance. They really don’t waste any time with the cameos, do they? If only they could move the storyline faster! I wonder how BoA will tie in to the storyline, since the main arc is still about the elusive Kim Myung Guk and his nuclear technology.

Speaking of ATHENA, the CEO of Taewon Entertainment (which produced both IRIS and ATHENA), stated that he will be reusing the sets of NTS for IRIS 2. Hmmm…what does that mean for the plot line of the sequel? After all, Lee Byung Hun didn’t work at NTS – he worked at NSS. One letter makes all the difference.

A crazy fan of Junsu (of JYJ) had the celebrity sign a marriage contract that stated that Junsu could not marry until the fan got married herself. Dayuuuum…I bet her master plan is either to marry Junsu herself or never marry so that she can spend all her years pining for him. The contract isn’t valid though – so no worries – but it’s pretty funny. What’s nice of him is that he humored her enough to sign the contract as well.

Hollywood actor Christian Bale has been tapped to play an American priest in Zhang Yimou‘s upcoming film about the Nanjing Massacre. The film focuses on a group of prostitutes who willingly take the place of convent girls when they are invited to “entertain” the Japanese soldiers. I am curious as to whether he’ll be speaking in English the entire time, be dubbed in Chinese, or learn Chinese for the role. After all, he’s a hard core actor who really immerses himself into his roles. Zhang is also known to make films that both rattle the Chinese government as well as commercial blockbusters that are “safe” – so it’ll be interesting to see what he does with this particularly sensitive topic of the Nanjing Massacre. I saw the Chinese film “City of Life and Death” (or “Nanjing Nanjing”) and though it was quite brutal, it also interestingly portrayed a Japanese soldier in a more sensitive light. I had expected a complete demonization of the Japanese, but was surprised to see otherwise. The film is slated to start filming January 10.

Rain might reunite with Park Jin Young (JYP) as business partners again, after Rain had left JYP’s company to form his own management company. JYP is to participate as a major shareholder in Rain’s J. Tune Entertainment, with the result of JYP taking over greater management duties especially when Rain leaves for the military next year.

Edison Chen made his comeback – and failed. Sorta. His new album “Confusion” is set to release on December 30 and so he performed a couple of new songs from his new album. He rapped – and got only applause from his friends. The audience wasn’t as enthused – and it could be because of the photo scandal, or because of his atrocious rapping skills. His album includes a Cantonese song titled “Reboot” (which talks about starting over – duh) and “Salute” (which is dedicated to those who supported him and didn’t support him during the two years after the scandal leaked).

sources: allkpop, asianfanatics


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