News Bits: 12/27/10 Edition

Can you guess who the pretty lady is?

It’s none other than Kim Gab Soo – the elder actor extraordinaire who appeared in so many dramas this year. He changed his appearance for the sitcom All My Love where he plays the father Director Kim. The drama takes on a twist in the Kongji-Patji folk tale.

He looks quite fine for drag. Reminds me of Bae Jong Ok in some respects (and he even costarred with her in The World They Live In as the director who held a long torch for her).

Talk about life mimicking art – Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin – both of whom starred in Smile You as a couple – are getting married. On top of that, Jun is 8 weeks pregnant. They’re really cute together, and I’m happy for them! The cynical side of me says that he’s marrying her to also make an honest woman out of her, but from the message that he left to his fans, it seems like he proposed to her without knowing the news. (After all, it’s just been two months – nothing is usually confirmed until at least three months have passed.) Anyways – the two have a nine-year age difference, which I wouldn’t have thought of until he said it. You can read his message on his fancafe here, which I thought was kinda touching. Best of luck! I hope they last!

Two stars have fallen ill – in different ways. Yoon Eun Hye was hospitalized for exhaustion, requiring her to take IV treatment. She had gone on set for the film “My Black Minidress” after sleeping for three hours. Yep – not really gonna survive that…

The other star is Eunjung of T-ARA, who damaged a ligament on her knee. She requires four weeks of rest (and as we all know from Dr. Champ, one must always listen to the doctor when they prescribe REST! – especially if it’s Kim So Yeon.) S0 Eunjung will be unable to partake in any end of the year performances. But she will still be around for filming Dream High.

Kim Yun Jin stated during the press conference for her new film “Heartbeat” that she was unsure about taking on the role because it would have her playing a mother. Again. She’s played a mother twice before, in the film “Seven Days” and “Harmony.” With this film, she’d be playing a mother who has to protect her daughter. Again. I can understand her hesitancy, since it looks like she’s getting typecast into motherly roles in thriller films. But she also said that she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work on this film. Her costar is Park Hae Il (“The Host”).

Kang Ji Hwan will no longer be starring in Faith, the medical sageuk drama. He was going to replace Lee Jun Ki, but ended up dropping out due to legal issues with his previous management company. His former company had wanted him to stop all activities until the contract issues had been resolved. Though it had appeared that all problems were settled earlier this year (thus allowing Kang to star in Coffee House), it turns out that that was not the case. So bye bye Kang – for a while?

There are so many new stills for My Princess – and honestly, I’m still not going to watch it. Not only do I have plenty of dramas on my plate, it’s Kim Tae Hee. No matter how much credit I give her on improving her acting in IRIS – it’s in comparison to her previous role in Stairway to Heaven. In IRIS she still wasn’t the best actress – especially since she was outshone (by you-know-who). But anyways – My Princess. She’s looking cute here with Song Seung Hoon. The picture below is my fave, although there are plenty more here. The two of them look so happy. Kim Tae Hee looks a tad like Audrey Hepburn too, circa “Roman Holiday” era.

sources: allkpop, asiae, dramabeans



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