Merry Christmas!

The holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus and the legend of Santa Claus. The holiday that is all about family and gift giving. The holiday when Americans go to the nearest movie theater to watch something because that’s the only thing that’s open. The holiday when other Americans stay at home and eat feast after feast. The holiday of eggnog and hot chocolate, fireplaces and apartment heaters. The holiday when everyone should be with someone special and appreciate the love they have and the life they live. The holiday that allows people to stop working and rest, and no one can bitch to them about not being available to answer an email. The holiday when no one should be answering emails. The holiday that may have pagan roots, but really who cares? because we get an awesome holiday out of it. The holiday that gives K-drama addicts a reason to stay at home and marathon without having to take a sick day just to finish a series. The holiday where others must appreciate and be gracious to those who are working – like those people in the movie theater – because they probably want to be with their families too.

The holiday that is the precise reason why recaps and blog posts will be going up late. 🙂

Peace out!


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