News Bits: 12/21/10 Edition

Four days to CHRISTMAS!!!

I’m not going to keep up with the countdown. Psh. Soon enough I just won’t care enough to post! LALALALALALALALALALA!

I’m feeling all kooky today. But on to the news bits!

Kim Joon is going to grad school! Part of the boy band T-MAX, the singer-actor will attend the Hankook University of Foreign Studies under the Department of Global Cultural Contents in March. He will graduate in February from Hankook University Undergrad in the Japanese department. He had initially studied chemistry (ambitious…) but switched to the cyber university in Japanese because of filming for Boys Over Flowers.

Cutie Seishiro Kato, a child actor who appeared in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge, will star in the Japanese version of the musical “Les Miserables.” Wow – for a nine year old. Seishiro can sing, but he had to undergo intensive vocal training before he won the part of street urchin Gavroche. He’ll have a solo too. Dang. I feel thaaaat much less accomplished.

Aqua Timez. Naruto. Uniqlo. -> Japanese rock band Aqua Timez’ new single “Mayonaka no Orchestra” will be the new ending theme of Naruto Shippuden and the theme song to an original animation for the anime series being created solely for Uniqlo T-shirts. Never thought I’d be seeing those three words together in a sentence. Ever.

OK Queen of Reversals, I’m afraid you’re making me hate you. After a ten-episode extension, MBC has tacked on another 2, bringing the series to a grand total of 32. So they basically ended up going with the original plan of tacking on 12 episodes. This was done to give its successor The Duo more time with pre-production. Click here for spoiler-y photos. My man is lookin’ fine…

Lee Na Young is taking legal action to make sure she gets paid by the production company for her role in Runaway Plan B. Oof. While Rain, Daniel Henney, and Yoon Jin Seo have received some pay, the rest of the cast and crew are still waiting. Dayum – didn’t realize that they were in a sort of debt. I’m a tad surprised that Yoon got paid before Lee Na Young; I can see why Rain and Daniel Henney were paid, but isn’t Lee Na Young a bigger star than Yoon Jin Seo? Yeah? No? Guess fame is a relative question, and I also don’t know enough about either two actresses to make a judgment. But one of them is the leading lady…sooooo, just sayin’ the leading lady should get paid.

source: asiae, asianfanatics, dramabeans




2 thoughts on “News Bits: 12/21/10 Edition

  1. Ah, I’ve been gone for only a few days and I’m already so behind on Kpop news and stuff. Thanks for the updates and I’m pretty pissed that QoR got another extension. I don’t wanna watch so many episodes, even if it’s all for Park Shi Hoo. I’m not a fangirl like you, that’s why. 😛

    Can’t wait until Christmas! And gawd, after seeing the snow here, I think I’m set for an entire year. I’ll be tell you all about my “adventures” when I have time to write up a long email! ❤

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