DBSK – but really just Yunho and Changmin – have released the music video to their single in the ATHENA OST, titled “Athena.” Haha – so original.

Anyways – the song is definitely fast – but kinda pop-y. It doesn’t have the grittiness that Big Bang‘s “Hallelujah” had, but then again – I didn’t like “Hallelujah” too much. The scenes from the MV showcase the upcoming episodes, especially when the agents are all in Italy and trying to get Lee Bo Young. I gasped at the incredible athleticism of Choi Siwon, was bug-eyed at the hard core determination of Lee Jia (whom I am now convinced is supposed to be Kim So Yeon-lite in some respects, especially when she wears a short hair wig), impressed by the utter coldness of Su Ae as she kills someone and lets the blood splatter her neck, and SPAZZED TEN MILLION TIMES when I saw Sean Richard for like, less than a second. Yes – this man whom I’ve only seen in Jejoongwon wearing atrocious facial hair and a weird coif – I am in love with him all cleaned up and steely eyed.

sources: soompi, youtube


2 thoughts on “‘ATHENA’ MV – DBSK

  1. I really like Changmin and Yunho’s voice, however, I like “Hallelujah” by Big Bang better than this song. It’s still good though; the other one was just more catchy and addicting. Plus, I’m a bigger Big Bang fan, although I like DBSK (and JYJ, since they were once one band) too.

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