News Bits: 12/16/10 Edition

It has been announced that DBSK will participate on the ATHENA OST. Interesting – I thought they broke up and had too many issues to get back together and make a song. It is said that the group will reunite in January, so I’m clearly wrong. Their song will be a fast, upbeat insert song, which I’m looking forward too since I think ATHENA has enough ballads. Like the latest one from Brown Eyed Soul – the MV for “Put It Back” is the video above.

Just as how Korean celebs get a lot of flak for deferring enlistment, so do Taiwanese actors. Ethan Ruan, Mike He, Joe Cheng, Ming Dao, and Bobby Dou have been indirectly named by the Taiwan Conscription Agency (because the organization only released the last names) as celebs who have deferred enlistment by claiming to be a student. Ruan has been an undergraduate student for six years, and his only comment was that he will go up for it next September or October after he finishes filming two movies. Mike He said through his agency that he did turn up for classes, but was just so busy he couldn’t get enough credits to graduate yet. Ming Dao said he would want to complete military service as soon as possible – but next year is already all booked for him with other obligations.

Poor Ming Dao – you must be sooooo busy with filming and marketing that you can’t even fulfill your mandatory duties. Geez – what happened to putting your celebrity life on hold for the military? Korean actors have had to do that – look at Lee Jun Ki.

Joe Cheng and Bobby Dou made no comment.

It’s that time of year for the Melon Music Awards – and I totally forgot about it because, well, Park Shin Hye wasn’t involved. The last time the Melon Music Awards aired last year, I was still at the height of You’re Beautiful frenzy. This year it was hosted by Song Joong Ki, whom I would have followed – had I been more crazy about Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Anyways – to the awards:

Best Artist of the Year: Girls’ Generation

Best Song of the Year: “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” by 2AM

Best Album of the Year: “To Anyone” by 2NE1

Best New Artist: C.N. Blue

Netizen Popular Award: Super Junior

Best Music Video of the Year: Ga In

What’s funny is that the results of the award show was leaked online before the show even aired. It was seen on the homepage of the awards show and immediately taken down, but it was too late, as some netizens had already screen-captured the results and distributed the results on the net.

This particular blog’s writer has translated a cartoon parody of Secret Garden, where it pokes fun at memorable scenes and also has the original artist, known as “Sagak” showing up in the comic itself. The original comic is located in the Secret Garden official website via SBS. It has six parts to it so far, but 5 parts are translated; here are the links: part 1, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

Lee Seung Gi has been nominated for SBS’ MC Daesang Award for the SBS Drama Awards, which will be held on December 30. He is going against Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, and Lee Gyung Gyu, all of whom are veterans in the MC field. Lee’s star power and charming personality no doubt made him a nominee, and while he may not win, this nomination definitely solidifies his career into hosting. He can really do anything. Now imagine if he were to be nominated with Shin Min Ah for best couple?

sources: allkpop, asiae, asianfanatics, otayamin, dramabeans


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 12/16/10 Edition

  1. Oops I submitted before finishing. SORRY! anyways, it’s pretty interesting to hear about how taiwanese actors also do their best to avoid the military. btw! I’ve never commented before but I really enjoy reading your blog 😀

    • hehe! thanks! and yeah – i guess they do just mean yunho and changmin – still, it’s weird because then why are they referred to as dbsk!? hehe – they should make up a duo-name thing. 😛

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