News Bits: 12/14/10 Edition

I find it insanely hilarious that one comment on dramabeans can spark countless of questions – such as the wondering of whether I will be recapping ATHENA. I laugh. It definitely brightened up my day. Nevertheless – of course I watched it. Raw. And goodness gracious it’s so exciting! I hope my excitement didn’t blind my viewing of it, so I will need to watch episode 2 to figure it out. Until then…wheee!

In a bit of meta (I guess), Yoon Sang Hyun will be releasing his first full length Japanese album next year on February 16. Much like his character in Secret Garden, who is trying to release an album but is getting riddled with plagiarism controversies. Let’s hope Yoon’s real album doesn’t have those problems. For Hallyu stars, I guess life must imitate art at some point… (and yes, I refer to Choi Ji Woo‘s last drama A Star’s Lover).

Haruki Murakami‘s book “Norwegian Wood” got the film adaptation treatment under the direction of Vietnamese-French filmmaker Anh Hung Tran (who previously directed “The Scent of the Green Papaya”). The book follows a university student who falls for the girlfriend of his best friend, who had killed himself. The girlfriend was so distraught that she entered a sanitarium, while the university student fell in love with another girl. Then the girlfriend killed herself too. Yes – depressing. But that’s a Murakami book. Murakami had given Tran full freedom on the film adaptation, so it doesn’t necessarily follow the format of the book (which was written in flashback form). Good to know – even though not a fan of the book. I just always take issue with book-to-film-adaptations.

Heo Yi Jae, most famously of Goong S, is getting married at the tender age of 23 to a man seven years her senior. Her future husband is the son of a CEO. Chaebol!!! Her acting career is also undetermined, as her parents and in-laws will decide on whether she will continue. Whut? Girl got no say? I’m sure she does, but the article makes it seem like she doesn’t. Her wedding will take place in January.

Girl group SeeYa, which debuted four years ago as the girl version of SG Wannabe, has officially declared disbandment. Originally Nam Gyuri was a member, but she left for her acting career, and so new member Soomi joined Lee Boram and Kim Yeonji. But then, Soomi joined the group Co-Ed, and so Boram and Yeonji decided to also go their separate ways. Sad end. Never really followed them, but it’s always sad to see a group disband.

sources: asiae, asianfanatics, allkpop


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