News Bits: 12/13/10 Edition

Ahh – a break from all the recapping!

Update on Harvest Villa – I progressed three episodes and am now on episode 10! Yay! I like it more and more, especially because of the humor, the confusion, the faux-dramatic music, and the mystery. I like the mystery in Harvest Villa infinitely more than I did in Joseon X Files, mainly because in Joseon X Files, the mysteries were mostly one-episode cases, and though they did have an overarching connection, it was very different than the way Harvest Villa has its mini mysteries among each character and the overarching connection about the gold. I like digging deep underneath the layers as I get to know the characters in a series, rather than just in one episode.

Triple lovebirds Min Hyo Rin and Song Joong Ki have found new projects – Min will star in a short film alongside Daniel Choi called “Age of Milk.” Samsung, which has never been quite subtle in its marketing since the Galaxy Tab was so overtly showcased in Dr. Champ and Queen of Reversals, invested in this project and had the film shot entirely on a Galaxy S smartphone. (I have to say, as much as I hate and am aware of product placement – if I can film a short film on my smartphone, I want one!)

Song on the other hand will star alongside Han Ye Seul in a movie called “Although I was Born.” It’s a romantic movie that sounds like another older woman-younger man relationship. Although, the two of them are technically three years apart, Song looks way younger than her.

Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS) went to Hong Kong to promote his upcoming solo concert that will kick off in January. As he arrived at the airport, he was greeted by a mob of 300 fans. It took 20 guards, lots of pushing, and some 30 fans falling to get him out of the airport and into his car. Crazy. Then again, it’s Yamapi! After Jun Matsumoto, he’s my number two.

Just for his fans, Lee Min Ho is getting private martial arts training so that he can look fit and ab-licious.


Actually, he’s training for his role in City Hunter, which is set to air next year. But I’m pretty sure there will be a shirtless scene so that his body will look great for the female fans. So who wants to guess what kind of scene it will be?

a) He’s in the middle of a fight and his shirt gets torn and ripped – slo-mo

b) Brooding shower scene with the shower head sprinkling water in his face

c) Bed scene with the lucky lady…who’s actually just a girl who has a crush on him and he tosses her out of his room.

d) Changing scene, as he comes back home all sweaty from running and he pulls off his shirt to change into a fresh one.

Junsu of JYJ and formerly of DBSK will be the lead of a new musical “Trees of Heaven” That has nothing to do with the Lee Wan-Park Shin Hye melodrama. The musical, which will open in February, is about a Korean soldier who is sent to Vietnam and falls in love with a local Vietnamese girl. Junsu also appeared in the musical “Mozart” and won an award for his performance.

And one last tidbit for ATHENA since it’s premiere date is today: Kim So Yeon‘s character is supposed to be the bridge between IRIS and ATHENA. However, lots of things need to be explained because in the drama, the North Korean General died while Kim Seung Woo‘s Chul Yong survived. In the film, the North Korean General lived and Chul Yong died. In ATHENA, Kim Seung Woo is to make a cameo…as Chul Yong.

Anyone care to explain this time warp? And don’t say FLASHBACK!!! because I will kill you.

sources: dramabeans, asianfanatics, asiae, allkpop


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 12/13/10 Edition

  1. true….. Kaedejun. You know…. one of the reason Harvest villa is so endearing and make me hook immediately, is the MYSTERY. They are so good to keep the mistery until the last episode!!! Eventhough Half of my predict are true, LOL

  2. wait till harvest villa turns dark starting from epi 14 it will surprise you
    HV rocks plz post some about it cause it is so underrated

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