Queen of Reversals: Episode 6

Oh my goodness – the recaps are getting so long! As in – they’re almost as long as the posts I do for dramabeans! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyways – am definitely liking the role reversal, but am really hating the older generation’s expectations of a “man” and what it means to be head of the household. A neighbor assumes that because Jun Soo is home, he must be on vacation – not out of work. I mean really, is it that socially embarrassing to be a stay-at-home dad?

Oooh – Tae Hee ain’t too happy that Young Shik pulled her out of the elevator, since he’s meddling in things he doesn’t know. “Giving up will become a habit,” he tells her. As an “alpha” he’ll never want to hire a beta who gives up easily, and leaves her to go down the elevator by herself.

Back in the boardroom, Song Yi happily congratulates the remaining four finalists. And that’s when Tae Hee returns. Out come the pursed lips of Song Yi and the smirk of Young Shik… Tae Hee apologizes for being late and introduces herself to the board. Song Yi acknowledges that she was a former team leader at the company, which is an interesting bit of news to Young Shik. Tae Hee’s idea is a V-line house pack, which is a kit to help housewives regain their V-line jawline. Even Young Shik does a self-conscious rub around his chin to make sure he has a V-line jawline.

Afterward, an employee comes up to the five finalists to announce what teams they’ve all been assigned to. Tae Hee reports to her former team – the Brand R&D department. The Brats who used to hate her are congratulating her. Yeo Jin is a tad shocked to see Tae Hee in her office, and Tae Hee smugly says, “I heard the results of this department have become worse ever since I left. Let’s work hard together.”

Woops – it’s all a dream though. Two other finalists get assigned to Brand R&D, one to the Advertisement PR team, and the fourth to the International Marketing team. As for Tae Hee, she is left to wait alone for a long time. She goes to the restroom, and bumps into Yeo Jin there. Yeo Jin smirks – why did Tae Hee have to come back to Queens Group of all places. Uhhh – why don’t you ask Song Yi? Since she’s not letting Tae Hee work anywhere else, it’s almost as if Song Yi wants Tae Hee at Queens Group or nothing. Besides, is it that much of a crime to date and get married behind her back?

Of course, Song Yi comes out of one of the stalls having overheard everything. She asks Yeo Jin to step out, who looks bummed at not being included in this latest bitch-session. Because Tae Hee used to be so arrogant, people would tear her apart over the tiniest mistake because they hated her so much. But she, Song Yi, had protected her because she thought of Tae Hee as a worthy successor, and that hopefully they could grow old together. (Sorry – Tae Hee doesn’t lean that way…) Yeo Jin overhears the whole thing, realizing that despite all her ass-kissing, Song Yi doesn’t see her as a competent successor.

Song Yi points out that Tae Hee’s now returned to a position that is expendable, is lower than her former coworkers, and provides no protection or stability. Tae Hee blames Song Yi for not having given her even a small opportunity anywhere; now she has to do anything just to survive and help her family, even if it means coming back to the place she left. Song Yi is too bitter and vows never to let Tae Hee survive in Queens Group because Tae Hee doesn’t have her support.

But I would like to point out that Tae Hee has Young Shik’s full support (or will have it), and Young Shik is way more powerful than Song Yi, even if he is lazier. He’s an alpha!

Tae Hee confesses she sometimes regretted getting married, but after seeing how vile she is, Tae Hee doesn’t want to be Song Yi 2.0 anymore. She no longer regrets her decision in getting married.

Tae Hee awaits her fate, and finally the employee comes back to tell her to go to the Special Planning team – the team full of gonna-be-fired’s, and headed by none other than Young Shik. YES! ME SO HAPPY!

Her team is composed of Dae Soo, Yoo Kyung, Ki Ppeum, Young Chul, and several others. Their office is located in a storage room. When Tae Hee arrives, everyone is surprised; they hadn’t heard that she had entered the competition. Ki Ppeum figures out that even though Tae Hee won the competition, they’re trying to get rid of her by putting her here.

She wonders where the Team Leader is. He is eating sushi with his father. Except, he can’t eat sushi. His father wonders how the hell a person can’t eat sushi, while Young Shik wonders how the hell his father can’t keep a promise. He needs to go back to the States to start up his own business, but daddy dear beat him to it and canceled those plans. I love it – Park Shi Hoo as a petulant child. Young Shik will be in charge of helping the “rejects” and help them see their potential. Why do this? “Because I want to know if you’re worthy of being called my son.” If it all fails, Young Shik can go back to the States, and his father will never call him back again.

Song Yi goes to the president’s wife and tells her that it’s worrisome Young Shik is in charge of the Special Planning team. The wife thinks nothing of it – after all, the president would never give Young Shik such an important task. Song Yi begs to differ – if Young Shik manages to make the team succeed, a team full of potential firees, he will get a higher ranking position in the company. The wife says she will leave it all up to Song Yi to make sure that does not happen.

Young Shik arrives at the shoddy office and though it’s barely tolerable, Young Shik doesn’t mind – he won’t come very often to work. Yoo Kyung points out that the machines are broken, so Young Shik tells her that they don’t have to send faxes, or make copies. In fact – just don’t do anything. Tae Hee can’t stand that, but Young Shik tells her that she’s free to give up. Tae Hee only wants Young Shik to give them a task – a chance to prove themselves.

Their chance? To sell off their old stock that had low sales and are from past seasons – in one week. Ki Ppeum immediately asks Tae Hee to take responsibility. Dae Soo notes that Tae Hee hasn’t changed a bit – still pushing things on others without asking for their opinion. She’s no longer the team leader, so does she really expect everyone to respect her as a team leader still?

Back to Jun Soo – he’s learning how to make the best ddukbokki – using Sora as his taste tester – but it fails. Now that he’s stuck at home, he has to deal with a census bureau agent, deal with a nosy neighbor and host a neighborhood meeting lest he be fined, and do the grocery shopping. The shopping also puts him in direct contact with Yeo Jin. She teases him for being there while his wife is out working, but she advises him on what to buy. I could not concentrate on this scene – because Yeo Jin’s eyeliner is SO DISTRACTING! It’s like she tried to make cat eyes, but then her eyelashes got stuck at the outer edges of her eyes.

Yeo Jin’s bitchy side comes out though – she says that she overheard Tae Hee regret getting married, but Jun Soo doesn’t bite. He just warns her not to ever abuse his wife at work. She offers to help him find a job, but Jun Soo makes up the excuse that Tae Hee wants him to start his own business. Then, the lady chopping up his squid at the mart comments that he and Yeo Jin look like a wonderful newlywed couple. AWKWARD! Yeo Jin accepts the compliment, while Jun Soo tries to deny it. Of course – nosy neighbor overhears it.

Jun Soo helps Yeo Jin with the groceries and walks her home – right in front of Young Shik, who just drove up to the street on his bike. Guess Young Shik lives in the same building as Yeo Jin! They stand in front of the elevator, and he notes that the bags look heavy. Yeo Jin politely says she can handle them, but thinks Young Shik will carry them for her anyways; Young Shik says OK and gets in the elevator. Hehe. He bluntly asks whether her getting Tae Hee’s position had anything to do with her trying to steal Tae Hee’s presentation from his office, or getting walked home by her husband. HA. I love that he can see right through her. Yeo Jin tries to defend herself, but too late – he’s arrived at his floor. Neener-neener-nah-nah!

At the neighborhood meeting – the census bureau agent is invited, and nosy neighbor wants everyone to look at his questionnaire. Jun Soo quietly apologizes to the guy for slamming the door on him before, but it turns out the guy is just doing the part time job to support his working wife. Jun Soo notes that it’s not a manly job – but the agent picks up on the fact that Jun Soo is unemployed.

Nosy neighbor tries to collect a late rent fine from one of the tenants, but Jun Soo brings up the fact that the fees and fines imposed in the building are illegal, and he knows this because he studied law. Nosy neighbor then brings up a story about one of the other tenants moving out because the husband cheated on the wife, acting like a couple with another woman and going grocery shopping with her; it all sounds very much like what Jun Soo did with Yeo Jin.

At the end of the day, Tae Hee rides on the same bus back home with Dae Soo and his wife. He tells his wife that his new department is like a promotion – all to ease her worries. It brings tears to Tae Hee’s eyes as she hears Dae Soo’s wife gush proudly. But she returns home to see a complete mess – Sora sleeping on the couch, toys all over the place, laundry not done, dishes not cleaned, and husband sleeping on the floor. Tae Hee is pissed, but he’s going to have to shoulder the load of being a house-husband since she will go back to work. Jun Soo doesn’t want to always be taking care of Sora – he has to find a job! – so they finally settle on his mother coming to take care of Sora. But then, Tae Hee has second thoughts.

Tae Hee and Jun Soo bring rib-eye beef to Young Ja, but Tae Hee’s sister picks up right away that it must be a bribe. Gently, they ask if Young Ja could perhaps take care of Sora. Tae Hee’s sister translates: “The minute you take on Sora, you can kiss your social life goodbye.” Breakdown into a huge spat between the two sisters over who’s the better daughter: the high school flirt who had an expensive wedding but now supports their mother with allowances and gifts? or the hardworking daughter who got scholarships to attend college and paid for her own wedding? (You can guess who is who.)

Private chat between Young Ja and Jun Soo: she asks if he’s really looking for a good job, and he admits that it’s hard. He wants to start his own business even though Tae Hee’s against it. Young Ja only wants him to support his family, because that’s what makes a real man. She’s disappointed that she has to be asked to take care of the child (since the wife should be doing that) and that her daughter has more power over Jun Soo.

In the car, Tae Hee and Jun Soo get into a fight themselves. He’s mad that she keeps putting him down, saying that all his plans for a business will fail. Tae Hee agrees – she’s embarrassed of him. So is that why she’s going around telling people she regretted marrying him? Wait, what? He blames her for not being able to move up in the company and thus getting fired. She says that he’s never even taken responsibility for her like he promised. She tries to walk away, he grabs her wrist, and she flings it away, hitting his nose hard in the process.

See guys? This is what happens when you forcefully try to grab, or drag, a woman by the wrist. She can hurt you right back.

Jun Soo is so pissed he stalks off, leaving Tae Hee to drive back home. She bumps into nosy neighbor, who asks after Jun Soo. Tae Hee gives the vague answer of “Well, I’m not exactly sure.” Immediately, nosy neighbor mentions seeing Jun Soo at the mart with another woman. Suspicions raised, Tae Hee calls Jun Soo and wonders if it’s Yeo Jin… but Yeo Jin wouldn’t dare hang out with someone she just fired… At that moment, Sora comes out of her room holding out Daddy’s picture, but Tae Hee doesn’t look at it and orders Sora back to bed. Turns out – it’s a photo in her toy box of Jun Soo and Yeo Jin way back when.

Young Ja comes in the morning to feed Sora while Tae Hee leaves for work. There’s no sign of Jun Soo still, and Tae Hee lies that he went for English classes. But Sora never lies – and says Jun Soo didn’t come home last night.

Tae Hee calls him on her way to work, but he doesn’t answer. He’s actually at the ddukbokki stand begging the owner to teach him how the business. He begs for a chance, and even changes out of his suit so that he can get down and dirty. The store gets busy, and he helps the owner serve more customers more quickly.

Meanwhile, Tae Hee tries to pump the team up to sell the old inventory – if they do it well, they may get to do other, better things. No one wants to do it though, and so Tae Hee says she’ll do it by herself. Yoo Kyung quietly follows to help her. They set up a stand outside in a plaza, but no one comes by. Tae Hee tries another approach – talking to people and convince them to check out their products, but she gets too shy. From a distance in his car, Young Shik and Kang Woo watch, neither believing that Tae Hee will be able to sell it all. But she gets another idea: Tae Hee will do a demo using the products on Yoo Kyung.

Score! A girl that’s way too overly made up asks if the makeover is for free. Tae Hee pushes Yoo Kyung off the chair (literally) and says it’s free. As Young Shik watches, Tae Hee gives the girl – who’s going on a blind date – a makeover, and Yoo Kyung explains the products to other curious passersby. The girl is transformed, and soon they have a huge crowd. Young Shik is bored – why are they helping a girl who won’t buy anything? He wants to leave, but Kang Woo thinks it’s interesting. They drive off, and Young Shik can’t help but look back.

Tae Hee and Yoo Kyung pack up – they were only able to sell 7 sets. And then, the girl they gave a makeover too comes back with mascara and eyeliner running down her face – her blind date had left five minutes after seeing her. She wants to return the makeup set. Bummed out, Tae Hee sits at the outside tables of the ddukbokki stand, and she remembers Jun Soo wanting to start a ddukbokki business himself. She gets up to leave when she spots something – it’s Jun Soo, serving the tables. And he sees her outside.

Woops. Caught! He even falls backwards on the floor!

Yah – there are worse things to get caught for.


2 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 6

  1. I hope MBC won’t extend this drama. So far I like this drama despite it’s flaws. Maybe because of PArk SI hoo? LOL

    Thanks for your recap, kaedejun. It help me to understand this drama more.

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