Secret Garden: Episode 8 Live Recap

Here goes!

Here’s my live recap for episode 8. Not gonna promise that I’ll do it for the rest of the series – but I guess emotions got the best of me…

1:56: Ooh – the “Little Mermaid” story. I love how Ra Won gives a small fearful glance at Joo Im’s direction when Oska mentions this. It’s like when he got found out about buying all the fancy clothing for Ra Im – he’s getting caught again. And what’s nice is, he keeps getting caught – whereas nothing Ra Im has told him so far has turned out to be a lie.

3:18Lee Joon Hyuk! Man showdown!!! And thank goodness he shaved. Though, he’s way too possessive.

6:42 – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH! THE KISS! It’s like Oska fell back and Joo Im pulled him in for the kiss. Ooooh – Ra Won ain’t happy ’bout that! HAHAHAHA! And the simultaneous *blegh* from both Oska and Ra Won. HAHAHA! And then Joo Im has to do the foot pop again.. HAHA!

OK must stop laughing…


9:41 – Another magical veil switch? Uhm… getting to be a little too often now…oh OK – it’s because this time Ra Im is admitting how important Oska was to her, for being there when her father died. This time she says she’s happy for the body switch, much like when he said the same thing the first time they went under the magical veil and his mother gave Ra Im a sound yelling.

11:23 – Joo Won says “I’ll make you regret saying you’re glad we switched bodies” ?? Uhm – that’s a little unfair. So you can say it, but she can’t?

16:00 – UGH Lee Joon Hyuk is eeeeeeevil. He paints Seul in a bad light to get Oska to say that he’s not really dating her. Seul hears all this – and she still blames Oska? Hello?! He is clearly reacting to the fact that Lee Joon Hyuk said something bad about her! She should be trying to clarify the situation, and say that she’s not the whore Lee Joon Hyuk says she is!

19:40 – HAHA! Ra Won says – representing Ra Im – that she’s after Joo Won. Wow Joo Won, what a way to stake your claim on Ra Im behind her back.

20:15 – “A New Zealand craftsman made a shirt strand by strand” – HAHAHA! And Ha Ji Won even imitates his air-sewing style. Too cute.

At the end of this drama – they’re going to have acted so differently (well, mainly Joo Won) that the real selves are going to have a lot to live up to.

22:00 – Heh – the shameless flirting between Seul and Joo Im sounds like the one between Ra Im and Oska in Jeju. So cheesy – they’re all so cheesy!

And the best part is – when Oska is about to rail against Joo Im, Joo Im looks so guilty and apologetic that Oska is freaked out! Multiple personalities much?

I think the beauty of this switch is we get to see how alike the cousins are – for one, both of them gag over the same things šŸ˜€

22:54 – awww – how did Joo Im find an extra large bath towel that can cover his chest to his calves? And OMG – Oska, please don’t flex your muscles when you’re naked… >_<

25:44 – Another magical veil switch? OK – I think it’s a little tiring if you switch them every time the two of them are alone.

26:13 – Joo Won you pansy – drinking from a bottle of wine with a straw. OH! But you practically confessed to liking Ra Im! Yay!

31:54 – Hehe – Joo Im rubs a dirty spoon on his shirt and then proceeds to eat with it. Five second rule!!! doesn’t seem to apply in the world of the rich.

35:20 – my official favorite moments are when Hyun Bin says “New text message! New text message!” in a cute voice.

46:00 – Hm – I hope Joo Won realizes just how cruel the high society people can be when his mother gives Ra Won money to send her away…. But I like that Ra Won gives the mother the ‘tude. She greatly needs it.

53:31: Joo Im compliments Director Park on his voice – saying it’s “hot”?! UHHHH hehehe!

54:38: Oh! the pervert guy at the store is Bom Jang from Dr. Champ! Minus a toupee.

YES! “I’m sorry but you need to shut up now, or you might lose a jaw.” KAPOW!

58:59 – OMG – he referred to the body switch outright in front of the secretary!?

OK – I’m not loving the simple switch back to original bodies in the rain. It was a little lame. However, I do think the actors’ expressions and joy kind of carried it through for me. Especially Joo Won – who actually genuinely smiled in the end. Their joy despite their situation (she wet, he handcuffed – and stop thinking dirty!) was a bit contagious. But I’m really putting my money on another switch. I’d say, an episode or two of them being their normal selves, and then *switch!


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