Queen of Reversals: Episode 5

To the little lady Sora - who doesn't say anything but is cute nevertheless

The story is spinning! I’m glad that this time, instead of the housewife working behind the scenes to make sure her husband succeeds, it’s the housewife who’s taking charge of the household. Now that is a relevant drama.

Episode 5

The tears are just pouring out of Tae Hee as she watches her husband beg for his job. But she pulls herself together to meet Young Shik in the garage; she has his phone. How dare he say he never saw her before! She even tried to lecture him – how could he just leave without giving their words a second thought? It’s a loaded statement, since she’s also referring to how he treated her husband.

She admits that she was going to return the phone and kiss up to him, but now she can’t knowing that he’s firing (or laying off, in Young Shik’s words) her husband. She grumbles about him turning off her phone when she gets it back, and stalks off. Young Shik: “Why does she talk to me like that?” Kang Woo: “You did wrong. Why did you turn off another person’s phone?”

Should I start keeping score? Because right now, it’s Kang Woo: 3, Young Shik: 0.

Torn, desperate, and feeling hopeless, Jun Soo signs the voluntary resignation form. He comes home to a quiet dinner with his wife and tries to break the news about the resignation. She beats him to the punch, suggesting that he sign it the resignation form. That makes it easier for him to admit that he already did.

Unfortunately, her mother and Sora return from the sauna to hear the part about Jun Soo quitting his job. As if the shame weren’t enough of having to face his wife, Jun Soo gets kicked even more on the ground by his mother-in-law. Now, with not much to do, he spends his day moping at home, and even offers to take out the trash. But he takes a long time in coming back, prompting Tae Hee to search for him..

He’s sitting in the trash area, sobbing, because he feels like trash. And then Tae Hee says, “Where in the world is trash so wonderful and good looking as this?” Aw…they’re so sweet to each other… IRIS you really wasted Jung Joon Ho.

Hyun Joo on the left, Ki Ppeum on the right.

With Jun Soo’s desk cleared, the desks are separated between those nice to Tae Hee, and those who hate Tae Hee. Ki Ppeum and Hyun Joo (the bratty ones) put down Yoo Kyung and Dae Soo, who are feeling bad about Jun Soo being gone. Ki Ppeum says that the two of them are clearly of a lower class since they got called in to restructuring. Yeo Jin settles the argument – the restructuring headquarters sent another interviewee list – and Ki Ppeum is on it. In your face brat!

Now the mothers of Jun Soo and Tae Hee are having lunch with their other socialite friends, and one of them congratulates Mi Soon for her son being promoted. But Young Ja, Tae Hee’s mother, knows the truth. She nearly blurts it out when Mi Soon keeps going on about her wonderful future-exec son, so she takes Mi Soon aside to tell her privately. Yep – her “great” son got laid off.

But good news! Jun Soo scored an interview with a small company. And bad news! There is a long line of people at the interview – it’s a mass recruitment session. The position is for marketing and would require him to relocate with no subsidy for new housing. Jun Soo is taken aback, but he answers that it’s no problem – so desperate he is to get a job. But the interviewers don’t want him – he lacks experience, and never even got a promotion in five years.

And OMG! Ji Hwa Ja is back! Played by Jung Soo Young, she was the psychic, weird-ish friend of Chun Ji Ae (Kim Nam Joo’s character in Queen of Housewives) who had a crush on Yoon Sang Hyun‘s Tae Joon. Heeeeee – she says Tae Hee resembles an obnoxious, ignorant girl she knows (LOL!) and then goes on to give her fortune: Tae Hee’s husband left home. Uh – wrong prediction lady. She says that Jun Soo was not meant to be a salary man – he’ll start his own business, but it will fail. He can go find a job and get hired – but he’ll be fired again.

Leaving the interview, Jun Soo sees a small stall selling ddukbokki getting a lot of clientele. When he gets home, Jun Soo suggests that he open a branch of the ddukbokki stall. He can’t make it as a salary man anyways. Hehe.

Song Yi proposes that the company host a product competition to bring in new blood to the company. Young Shik thinks its harsh – hiring new people so soon after firing a bunch? He tells his father that he’s confused as to whether an employee is actually incompetent and therefore must be fired, or whether the company is just not helping them realize their full potential. Wise words from the prodigal son. I still get a kick out of the fact that his father is played by Choi Jung Won, who was Kim So Yeon‘s father in Prosecutor Princess.

Young Shik spots Tae Hee coming out of the Queens Group building after a talk session with Yoo Kyung, where she finds all the latest deets about Song Yi and her minions. When she passes by his car at the crosswalk, Young Shik instinctively ducks his head down. Kang Woo wonders aloud whether his boss has committed a crime against her to hide like that. I restrain myself from giving Kang Woo a half-point.

The company president tells Song Yi to take the remaining holdouts and put them in a special planning team. Have them work for six months and then disband the team altogether. And make Young Shik the team leader. Wow prez – you hit two birds with one stone: you take your son’s words into account and you manage to keep him in Korea for a little longer. When Young Shik finds out – through his ever frank secretary – he freaks out.

One of the holdouts – Manager Mok Young Chul – refuses to get assigned to the special planning team, and says that he will leave a company that has disrespected him and his hard work. He goes back home to a bachelor apartment, a lonely existence, and talks on the phone with his family in Canada. He tells his daughter he might be able to visit for a while, but finds a letter from the doctor – his test for liver cancer came back positive. He will live for approximately six months.

Armed with the info about the anonymous product competition, Tae Hee wants her husband to compete. She’ll help him make an idea that will let him go back as a contracted employee. Jun Soo’s not too pleased – it’s a blow to his pride to go back to the place that fired him, with his wife’s help at that. If she thinks it’s easy to go back to a place she’s left, then why don’t she do the competition? She takes on the challenge. Jun Soo also has another business idea – instead of a ddukbokki stand, he’ll do tomb stone cleaning! Tae Hee is so not onboard with this. Frustrated, Jun Soo sits by a tomb where soju was recently offered. He drinks them all and falls asleep, and when he wakes up it’s pitch dark. Suddenly he hears a ghostlike wail…and then a cat meowing…and dogs barking…and more wailing. That’s enough to freak Jun Soo out and send him running back home.

On the streets, Yeo Jin spots him from her car and drives alongside him. She asks him out to dinner – it’s her way of giving him a farewell dinner. They go to one of their old restaurants for pork cutlets and make some small talk. She wonders what would have happened if they actually got married, but he’s angry that she’s bringing it up now and leaves. However, on his way home, he starts imagining their life now if they had been married; Yeo Jin the Wife would have been supportive of him if he wanted to open a ddukbokki shop and a tomb stone cleaning business after he gets laid off. Back to reality, he realizes that she would have just supported any idea of her husband’s since she’s such a maneater.

When he goes back home late, Tae Hee wonders if he bumped into a ghost and took her out on a date. Jun Soo: “Yeah – I met a gumiho and ate pork cutlet with her.”

Mok Young Chul asks Jun Soo out for a drink to ask whether it is possible to get worker’s compensation if you die because of a work-related disease. Jun Soo says another manager had applied for it when he got liver cancer, and the family received a lot of money after his death. He goes back to Kang Woo and tells him that he wants to rescind the lay off contract and join the special planning team. Kang Woo says he can’t do that since Young Chul signed it already, but Young Shik interrupts – he didn’t sign the contract yet, so it’s not valid. Young Chul can go to the special planning team.

Yeo Jin brings five finalists’ submissions to Song Yi. As Song Yi flips through one of them – the most popular one apparently – she freezes. She sends Yeo Jin to find out the source of the application – she thinks she knows whose idea it is.

Yeo Jin confirms that it’s Tae Hee’s project, which infuriates Song Yi. She wants it replaced with another person’s project, but Yeo Jin says she already sent out the finalists’ project to other directors…and Young Shik. Song Yi has Yeo Jin go take the project back from his desk before he sees it – she can handle the other directors, but not the President’s son. Yeo Jin reaches Young Shik’s office and finds Tae Hee’s project – only to be caught by Young Shik.

He’s amused at her presence and she makes an excuse of introducing herself. She apologizes for not having made an appointment and leaves, hiding Tae Hee’s entry behind her back. Young Shik tells her that he already looked over all of the entries. He liked the one that she’s hiding the best. She can take it – he made a copy, and will talk to his father about it. HAHAHAH!

Tae Hee is notified that she’s a finalist and is to report to Queens Group the next morning. She tries to fit into her old skirt and poor Jun Soo turns red with effort in trying to zip her into it. Jun Soo is happy for her, but still depressed that he got fired. The next day, Tae Hee reports to Queens Group (wearing another skirt that fits) and remembers back to when she used to come through those revolving doors, stylish and confident. Now, she’s just a visitor to the building.

Song Yi and Yeo Jin spot Tae Hee across the lobby, who then bows her head in respect. With an edge to her voice, Song Yi says she knew that Tae Hee was a finalist, so she’s lost the ability to surprise and one-up Song Yi in some way. Song Yi leans in close – Tae Hee better bring her best game to challenge her, but this time she will make sure Tae Hee is destroyed completely.

Ah, the bitch-eat-bitch world of women and business.

Just before the finalists are to enter the boardroom, Tae Hee walks out, freaked by Song Yi’s challenge. Song Yi smugly announces to the board that only four finalists showed up, and Tae Hee goes to catch the elevator.

Of course – Young Shik is riding in that elevator, and he comes out seeing Tae Hee’s name tag, which identifies her project. He wants to know why she’s leaving, but she doesn’t want to tell him. Young Shik: “This is why you’re a beta…you’re throwing away the position that you fought for and earned.” His words strike a chord, and she hesitates. So he grabs her wrist (!), pulls her out of the elevator, and she falls against his body (!!).

Prosecutor Princess airport scene, much? Still, Park Shi Hoo manages to make a forceful move somewhat hot. I’m not biased at all.


5 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 5

  1. Hahha… I just love your comment: “Prosecutor Princess airport scene, much? Still, Park Shi Hoo manages to make a forceful move somewhat hot. I’m not biased at all. ”

    so true.. HAHAS….

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