News Bits: 12/8/10 Edition

Here are some photos from the press conference on location for Secret Garden. Aw – our trio… Again, I’m really liking this trio so far because it’s not a full romantic triangle…yet. Oska doesn’t really like Ra Im – he’s just using her. He likes her, but not like likes her.

JYJ is likely to perform at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards, since Micky Yoochun’s drama was such a hit. Not ratings wise per se, but quite a solid hit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked up some awards. On that note, his costar Park Min Young is set to become the new face of cosmetic brand THEFACESHOP.

After her quickie marriage, Barbie Hsu is back at work – she joined the cast of action film “My Kingdom,” which will costar Super Junior’s Han Geng (well, former SuJu boy) in his film debut, and Wu Zun. AHHH! WU ZUN! The film takes place in the 1920’s and is about “two brothers’ quest for fame, love, and revenge.” This is good – Han Geng and Wu Zun already look alike so YAY. Recent award winner Sammo Hung will choreograph the action scenes.

allkpop seems to be at the receiving end of a couple of punches from Korean papers, regarding both a rumor about SNSD’s Jessica being inappropriately touched, and an article about how allkpop is just evil because it brainwashes people against Korea. I know that allkpop is not trying to do that at all – it’s a site that just wants to post up the latest news, the latest gossip, the latest rumor. It is up to the readers to take it as fact or as a grain of salt. The article recently written about Jessica was clearly an attack on allkpop, and not at all a story about Jessica’s alleged molestation, which should have been the main focus. If it wanted to discredit allkpop, the writer should have spent more words proving that Jessica was not inappropriately touched.

Ya know what I think? I think Korean media is just jealous and overly protective – they don’t care if their own news sources dis their own stars because it’s themselves, but they care if other sites do. They also realize that allkpop is an internationally known site (even stated in the article), and so they’re jealous they don’t have as big of a reach. Hence, if they attack allkpop they can probably get some more hits on their articles. Talk about media being biased…

And to end this post, I am officially pissed off. OK, maybe pissed off is too strong – I’m officially bummed. [SPOILER START] It has to do withRunaway Plan B – the two people I didn’t want to be affected by the death plot line were affected – Yoon Jin Seo‘s So Ran was killed. What the eff writers? Really? They couldn’t get a happy ending huh? [SPOILER END]

Just bummed.

sources: soompi, asiae, asianfanatics, allkpop


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 12/8/10 Edition

    • LOL – come to think of it, that’s so true! they even posed similarly. only difference is ha ji won is so short, while emma watson towers over daniel radcliffe/hyun bin in heels. 😛

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