The End of Runaway: Plan B

Runaway Plan B is ending this week. Episode 20 will air on Wednesday, and a special episode will air on Thursday. Already, there are spoilers on the web about the last episode.

Don’t read further if you don’t want to know what happened. I, frankly, am not surprised by this ending – not because I expected it as I was watching, but because it’s not a surprising mood for a drama of its genre. Or cross-genre.

A leading cast member of Runaway is said to meet his/her untimely end in the last episode. I’m guessing it will happen early enough, since the rest of the episode will have the rest of the main characters avenging his/her death.

Any guesses? It would be crazy if it’s Rain who gets killed off. From the looks of it, it’s not going to be a bad guy who dies (or perhaps they will, but as a result of this first death in the beginning of the episode). But you never know. It would be heartbreaking if Lee Jung Jin or Yoon Jin Seo die – I very much enjoy their relationship. Rain, Daniel Henney, and Lee Na Young top my list. If Kim Soo Hyun (who plays Sophie) dies, I won’t feel as bad, since I feel like she’ll never have Daniel Henney anways.

Then again – I’m only on episode 14 – so Kai and Sophie’s relationship could have changed since then.

source: soompi, nate


2 thoughts on “The End of Runaway: Plan B

  1. Kai and Sophie’s relationship had some changes, the same with Rain & Lee Na Young
    I think Daniel will die … for some reasons I can not express

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