Queen of Reversals: Episode 4

I was going to do summaries for the episodes – but it started to get long. And then it became a recap. It’s not overly detailed. I think it’s a drama that can still be easily summarized, but a lot of things happen in each episode – it’s got quite a fast pace. Hence – my immense dislike for an extension.

Episode 4

Shocked that Goo Young Shik is actually the restructuring head, Jun Soo nervously sits down and listens as he gets offered a chance to quit. He’s getting targeted for the lay offs because of his poor performance, and because of recent comments disparaging the company. Tae Hee and Yeo Jin hear about it belatedly – Tae Hee freaks out and is pissed that this is what Queens group gives her husband after he devoted so much time to his work; Yeo Jin goes to Han Song Yi about the matter. Han Song Yi wanted him out, and thus had him added to the list for layoffs. Yeo Jin has no choice; she can’t really defend him without arousing further suspicions from Song Yi, who already thinks Yeo Jin has other reasons for protecting Jun Soo.

Tae Hee and Yong Shik bump into each other at Queens company parking lot and their phones drop. Of course – they pick up the wrong ones. They realize this when Tae Hee starts getting calls from ladies with no names – just numbers – and when Yong Shik gets calls from the supermarket, dry cleaner’s, and a tutor’s. His secretary, Kang Woo, tells him to go and switch it back, but Yong Shik thinks it’s too much of a hassle and just wants a new one. Kang Woo supposes that someone important may call, or that he has phone numbers in there that he may need; Yong Shik refutes all of it. Secretary: “You’re a total loner.”

BWAHAHA. Honestly – was getting a little bored in this episode until the secretary started piping up. I love that he’s absolutely fearless in his deadpan comments.

Tae Hee bumps into Song Yi at the lobby, and they greet each other stiffly. Song Yi knows all about Tae Hee’s failure at finding a job, since she’s the one telling all the HR managers not to hire Tae Hee. She leaves with a threat – “Tell your husband to continue working hard…til the end.”

Tae Hee waits at home, wondering why he hasn’t returned yet. She hears news about a man who jumped into the Han River from the bridge. (Kinda like Queen of Housewives, when Oh Ji Ho was standing on a bridge and seemed like he was going to jump. Men love their suicides.) She calls the police – did they identify the body? is it her handsome husband? Keyword: handsome. No? Ok.

She goes out to the streets and sees a businessman sleeping on a bench, drunk; it’s not him. He’s not in the taxi either, or the playground. She returns to their building and calls up his cellphone. There she hears someone’s phone ringing, coming from the elevator. It’s her husband – passed out drunk, his leg sticking out and preventing the elevator from closing.

Once woken up by a spoonful of ice down his shirt, Jun Soo tries to brush off Tae Hee’s worries about him getting laid off – Young Shik’s his junior. He picked on him during their stint at the army reserve training. Young Shik wouldn’t let him get fired. That doesn’t mean he can sleep easily that night though – and he tries to snag a meeting with Young Shik the next morning. Kang Woo won’t let him in, or give him his contact information, so Jun Soo has to go through his annoying coworker to get the number. He calls it – but of course it goes to his wife. Funnily – both do not recognize each other’s voices.

Outside on a garden-like lounge area, Jun Soo’s female coworkers are gushing over how cute Young Shik is, with Young Shik in hearing distance. They don’t realize he’s there and keep going about how Young Shik would fall in love with a girl like them because that’s just how things happen in a drama. When Kang Woo approaches Young Shik, he winks at them, and says to Kang Woo: “Did you know? I’m a kko-poon-nam” (a guy a girl would like to seduce.) Both girls collapse breathlessly on each other as he passes them by, while Yeo Jin has a calculating look.

Jun Soo is still stressed at work, and Dae Soo tells him to keep up his strength. But then he gets a call from the restructuring department and needs to go upstairs. And Yoo Kyung – the coworker who’s still on good terms with Tae Hee – has to go upstairs too. Dae Soo has to deal with one of the foreign restructuring managers, and he starts spilling his sob story about his family – all of whom have a problem one way or another and so he must support them all. There is also a camera filming all of these candidates for layoffs, and Young Shik is sitting behind a monitor in his office, watching them all. It’s tough to watch, but he takes it especially hard when he says Yoo Kyung crying. Duh – he’s a playboy.

Kang Woo tells him that they’re going to host a dinner for all those who received their first notice. If they see that they’re not the only ones who are suffering, they might not feel as bad. Half of them might even voluntarily resign before the second round of interviews, which will solve the financial issues, and then Young Shik can go back to the States sooner.

Tae Hee bumps into Yeo Jin at the supermarket and the claws come out. She accuses Yeo Jin of putting her husband on the line out of hatred towards her, but Yeo Jin says it wasn’t she who did it. Tae Hee smugly says that the restructuring head is Jun Soo’s hoobae, so he’ll be okay and perhaps saved from getting laid off. But then Yeo Jin says Young Shik gave Jun Soo an interview score of zero – with that, he’s gonna be at the top of the list for getting laid off during the second round of interviews.

At the dinner, Jun Soo offers a drink to Young Shik. (He’s not the only one, as there are older workers who offer him drinks perhaps as a way to curry favor.) To keep talking, Jun Soo even flatters Young Shik on how good looking he is in his swanky clothes. But Young Shik sees right through him – and remembers all the abuse Jun Soo heaped upon him – and so doesn’t think their relationship is thaaaat close.

He gets word that Tae Hee is at the restaurant (she was informed by Yoo Kyung) and she tells him right off that Young Shik gave him a zero at the interview. She tells him that it’s so demeaning to stay at this gathering and that he should just leave. But Jun Soo argues that he will do anything not to get fired – for the sake of Tae Hee and So Ra, he will beg and plead and do embarrassing things. As he speaks, his voice breaks and he’s almost about to cry… which I credit wholly to Jung Joon Ho’s acting. Tae Hee worriedly tells him not to drink everything Young Shik gives him, since his body won’t be able to take it.

When he returns, Young Shik calls Jun Soo over to sit next to him (“Oooh!” go the other coworkers. “Lucky bastard!”) and hands him a huge glass and fills it up with soju. So much for not drinking everything Young Shik offers him. He drinks it all in one shot and nearly throws up. Young Shik is having fun though with this form of torture and asks him to speak casually, while offering another tall glass. Jun Soo is really not feeling well, but he drinks the second glass… and everyone is staring at this new form of torture. He gets a third glass and hesitates, but just as he’s about to drink it, Tae Hee comes in. “I’ll be your substitute.”

She downs the glass with no complaints, and Young Shik is surprised at her gall. She tells Young Shik that Jun Soo is not feeling well since he’s been working too much, and so she will drink on his behalf while they talk. Young Shik lets her, but there’s not much to say – he just wanted Jun Soo to drink, not talk. Tae Hee recognizes him, but doesn’t know exactly who he is, while Young Shik says he doesn’t know her at all. He pours her another drink – and while Tae Hee is not a fast drinker, she drinks it all.

They keep drinking, while everyone else has already fallen into drunken stupor. By now, Young Shik is already drinking with her. Drunk, she speaks up – he must think he’s so lucky to be born into a good family and has all this power to fire people older than him; he’s the alpha and everyone’s a beta. The workers are all nodding in agreement. She even calls him out for making this gathering – it’s a dumb idea. (Ha! and Secretary Kang Woo shifts uncomfortably in his seat.) And then when she’s done, she passes out.

While Jun Soo is forced to carry her home slung over his back, Young Shik is griping to his secretary in the car about what a fool she made him appear to be. When he yells at Kang Woo for coming up with a dinner strategy that she saw through completely, Kang Woo says, “Yes she’s quite intelligent.” No shame, just agreement. Gosh this Kang Woo’s so dry.

Young Shik: Did you buy me a new phone?

Kang Woo: It was a busy day today. It must have slipped my mind.

Young Shik: I’m going to fire you first!

Kang Woo: Ah life is so scary. It’s really all about the alphas and the betas.

Young Shik: Don’t say that!

Tae Hee tells Jun Soo that no matter what, he cannot leave the company, and so during his second round of interviews he tells exactly that to Kang Woo. However, Kang Woo says that they found him using the company card at a high school reunion, which was not work related at all, and that he had taken product samples and sold them personally. Jun Soo says that his wife sent out those samples and that he didn’t know it was a violation to the company; after all, everyone else does it and they do it to get feedback from people. Kang Woo once again reminds him that if he is fired over this, he won’t get any benefits at all.

Back home, Tae Hee is doing her spa ritual and one of them tells her that they couldn’t reach her by phone. That jiggles Tae Hee’s memory and she realizes that Young Shik is the guy she switched phones with. She goes to the office to get it back. She heads to the interview room, where she sees her husband stopping Young Shik in the hallway. He begs that Young Shik not punish him for the past, but Young Shik says that Jun Soo is on the list because he lacks talent. Jun Soo begs that Young Shik do something to save him – and Tae Hee overhears with tears in her eyes.

Young Shik says he can’t do anything and leaves.


2 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 4

  1. whahhh i love your writing style…. please continue to recap this drama…. this drama is definiutely not the best, but there is something why i keep watching thgis drama, beside PSH, hahaha

  2. How do you have the time to write this up?!? I’m in awe of how you just dish out these recaps/reviews like a pro. In my humble opinion, I think you’re getting there. And I’m not just saying that because I adore you and I’m biased, but because I think you’ve improved a lot over this year. Heehee.

    Anyway, I’m infatuated with that Secretary guy. I have a thing for guys with glasses…

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