News Bits: 12/6/10 Edition

Rain’s already planning his next project after Runaway Plan B. (Not the military?) He will star in the film “Red Muffler” – which may change its name to “Living in the Sky” and costar with Shin Se Kyung. I think this may be the same movie announced before, but under a different title, but the plot is about a fighter pilot (Rain) who is involved in the bombing of Pyeongyang. I laugh grimly at the meta of all of this, especially with South Korea already beginning firing drills after the recent attack. Maybe this is Rain’s way of “fulfilling” his military duty too. Shin Se Kyung will star as a mechanic. (I don’t know why – but the first thing I thought of was Denise Richards playing a nuclear scientist in the James Bond movie “The World is Not Enough”. Not that Shin is a bad actress, but she is a pretty actress.)

Yoon Eun Hye has signed on for a new project – a film called “My Black Minidress.” She will star alongside Park Han Byul (Oh My Lady), Cha Ye Ryun (Dr. Champ), and Yoo In Na (Secret Garden). From the looks of it, the plot might be about single gals in the city. Dong Ho of U-Kiss will also star as a middle school student who has a crush on Yoo In Na’s character.

“The Petty Love Affair,” a film starring Lee Seon Kyun and Choi Kang Hee, beat out Jang Dong Gun‘s flick “The Warrior’s Way” as it opened the past weekend… proving that a fun romantic comedy (about a sex columnist and cartoonist working together on an adult comic book) beats out Hollywood CGI-fied westerns. Or that Lee Seon Kyun is more awesome than Jang Dong Gun. Or that no one cares for Kate Bosworth and other “unknown” Hollywood actors. Or that…

*Kae’s mouth gets muffled*

Moving on…

Two celebrities were arrested over drug charges over the weekend. Kim Sung Min (Family’s Honor) was arrested for smuggling and using meth, while Crown J (the singer and also one half of a couple with Seo In Young on We Got Married) was arrested for marijuana use a day later. Both apologized on their Twitter accounts – and you know what’s funny? In both articles, the same exact message was attributed to their Twitter statements. In the Kim Sung Min-article, Kim supposedly said:

However, through a message on his Twitter account earlier in the day, Kim apologized: “I’m sorry. To everyone who will be disappointed and hurt because of me, to my family and everyone I love…”

In the Crown J – article, it says:

“I’m sorry. To everyone who will be disappointed and hurt because of me, to my family and everyone I love…” he wrote on his Twitter account the following day.

Either they or their publicists Tweeted a canned apology, or the translation comes out roughly the same. Or asiae just cut-and-pasted it.

Kim Yuna and Lee Seung Gi‘s single “Smile Boy” was used to help support rising sports stars. The song raised 40 million Won, and it was split between women’s soccer athlete Ji So Yun and figure skater Kim Hae Jin.

source: dramabeans, allkpop, asiae, asianfanatics


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