Secret Garden: Episode 7 – Live Recap

If you’ve never seen my live recaps before, here’s an example of how I do it. I do not summarize the scenes too much – but rather put in my reactions. It’s meant to be more discussive – so sound off on your reactions as well! (The times listed are approximate.) I don’t want to do a full recap – I’ll leave that to javabeans and girlfriday.

Ok – here is my naming situation for the body switch:

Joo-Im is Joo Won in Ra Im’s body

Ra-Won is Ra Im in Joo Won’s body.

Easy enough?

6:33 – oh this is effin brilliant – when Joo Won’s mother catches the two of them coming home together. Joo Won’s mother treats Joo Im with such superiority and haughtiness that he’s getting frustrated. Since she sees Ra Im coming home with her son, she’s pissed off as hell. Joo Im can’t stand that he has to deal with such mistreatment, and second, he now realizes just exactly how unfair that haughtiness towards people of lower standing can be. It serves him right – even if he may not change his personality right away, it’s horrible enough to experience it.

6:49 – that was a nice interlude showing off the two real selves in the car as they were lost in their thoughts. It’s a moment of honesty for us viewers.

Joo Won says “For the first time I was glad we switched bodies.” And I think he says that because as Ra Im, he got the brunt of the yelling. Ra Im as Ra Im did not directly receive the insults, even though she was there in the same room. And for that, Joo Won is being his surprisingly rare, sweet self.

10:17 – the spa scene between the two mothers of Joo Won and Woo Young… the two of them have to remove their jewelry, and of course it’s a race between who has the bigger baubles. Now we see where Joo Won and Woo Young’s competitive natures come from! (Of course, Joo Won’s mother is the one with the bigger baubles. And like their sons, Joo Won’s mother is younger than Woo Young’s mother.)

It’s kinda sad that Ra Im has no family to introduce Joo Won to. We know about her dad, and can guess about her mom, but I can’t wait for when Joo Won finds out about her family. Or, Joo Im I should say…

23:05 – aw… Ra Won is so sweet and earnest towards Ah Young as he/she’s giving advice on how to act around Joo Im. Hyun Bin – you rock! You got the girl-act down pat!

29:35 – Oska’s face is PRICELESS! as he watches Ra Won cook for him. PRICELESS!!

36:02 – Now it’s Joo Im’s face that is PRICELESS! as Oska feels his body searching for the car keys.

54:00ish – Ra Won gets a text message (and it’s Ra Im’s phone) so he starts mimicking it and says “You got a text message!” Too cute! Poor secretary – staring at him like he’s gone mad.

During the talk with Manager Dong Ju – Ha Ji Won’s expressions of pissed-off-ness and glares are so spot on. I love her! Plus, she’s one actor who says the word “fan” with an ‘f’ sound, and not like “pan.” I was surprised when she said that, since I’m so used to hearing “pan” in dramas.

Last five minutes in jail – oh it’s such an awkward silence and so funny, as Oska stares at Joo Im, and Joo Im stares right back. And Oska is wondering why he has to face Ra Im when he wants Joo Won, not realizing the truth. Oh comedic timing… and Oska glares at Ra Won, only to have Ra Won give an awkward, kind smile back. Hahah!

We get a switch back where the audience sees the characters for who they are – so that we see Joo Won confronting Oska and Ra Im standing in the back. I actually like that we have a switch during this important moment. Though the actors are doing great portraying the other, I like seeing them play the role they’re supposed to play. I enjoyed watching Hyun Bin’s face change from a smirk to a hardened look as Oska states that he won’t give up on Ra Im. And no one can do Ha Ji Won’s puzzled Ra Im look better than she. It gives me the emotional punch that I know the director is trying to make.

I don’t know if I’ll keep doing this – it was a spur of the moment thing. 😀 But man, episode 7 didn’t really top episode 6 in hilarity, but it did melodramatically.


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