News Bits: 12/3/10 Edition

I just realized that I posted a lot about ATHENA recently – har har har.

Anyways – I first wanna give a shout out to Glee for this past week’s episode. First off, Lea Michele’s character got called out for her selfishness and diva attitude. Well hallelujah it was finally addressed! While she says she changed by the end of the episode, I highly doubt it. Nevertheless, it was nice seeing her act so nice and smile at Kurt (Chris Colfer) for once. The point of this mini blurb (instead of a full Glee post) is that Tina and Mike had a little rift in the episode when Mike had to choreograph a dance with Brittany for Sectionals, and Tina thought he was cheating on her. Turns out he wasn’t – and so at the end of the episode they said they were “good,” and Mike asked, “Asian kiss?” Tina: “Asian kiss.” And they peck each other on the lips.

Asian kiss?! Really writers? I don’t think all Asians kiss like that! Have you seen Prosecutor Princess? Korean dramas, for all it’s chasteness – Park Shi Hoo totally sucked Kim So Yeon‘s face off. In a good way.

Then again – I laugh, because I want to brush it off as a, “Oh writers, simply trying to make fun of it all in a meta-cool way.”

Back to Asian entertainment news…

In the photo above, Micky Yoochun took a picture with his new best buds, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki, when they visited him backstage at the “JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul.” Cute. And when I say “cute,” I mean Song Joong Ki. I think Yoo Ah In is pretending he’s too cool for this.

Lee Hyun Woo (Queen Seon Deok, God of Study) is going to star in a Korean musical version of “Footloose,” taking over Kevin Bacon’s role as the rebel new boy in town who changes the city by singing and dancing his way into the repressed townspeople’s hearts. Lee showed off some dancing moves in God of Study, where his character was more interested in dancing than in studying.

Queen of Reversals is getting a two-episode extension, bringing the total of eps to 18. I don’t know why (though I don’t mind more Park Shi Hoo), but I like it when dramas are concise and to the point. The first few episodes have been quick, and I’d like to keep that pace. Extending it might just drag out a story more than it should. MBC is even considering giving it a 10 episode extension, which I think is a bit much. This initial extension means that the drama will end in mid-December, and thus will push Birdie Buddy out of the way. I doubt any more dramas will air afterwards (though I could be wrong) since we get closer to holiday and awards season…

source: asiae, dramabeans


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