Kim So Yeon on ATHENA

The stills are here!

UPDATE: There’s a video at the end that shows the ending of IRIS the movie. Watch at your own risk. I think it makes the drama ending even more worse than it already is.

There’s also a new still – and if you think you’re messed up because of the ending, this is another whiplash head spin.

Kim So Yeon reprises her role as Sun Hwa in ATHENA when the team goes to New Zealand. Her character is supposedly to have shed her past as a spy and trying to live a peaceful life (raising sheep I say! Kidding.) I am SO HAPPY that she’s sporting long hair, as it’s the best way to show a “different side” to her, and she’s looking absolutely beautiful.

Of course, it’s all extensions, since a recent photo shoot with her has her sporting her natural hair length.

*There is also a new photo that displays Sun Hwa’s new life. It’s a photo of a photo, and her new family doesn’t know who her past. My guess is they might have been killed, and that is what draws Sun Hwa back in the game.

There have been questions raised about the allegiances of her character. If you had seen the IRIS movie, or heard about the ending, then the following shouldn’t be a spoiler: [SPOILER START]Kim So Yeon’s character was revealed to be the sniper who shot Hyun Joon at the end of the drama. Some are up at arms about that, especially since the growth of Sun Hwa as a character would not have led to such an act of betrayal. Therefore, it would be interesting to see whether the Sun Hwa we see in ATHENA is the evil-Sun-Hwa-who-killed, or the good-Sun-Hwa-who-left-Hyun-Joon-on-good-terms. I think the writers could go either way, since ATHENA is a spin-off, and not meant to be a direct sequel to IRIS. However, it creates inconsistencies in the mythology already created.[SPOILER END]

I just wanna see her in action!

*Here’s the video:

sources: dongdrama, soompi 1 and 2, nate


7 thoughts on “Kim So Yeon on ATHENA

  1. commenting to spolier:
    wai…what??…..SHE shot Hyun Joon at the end of IRIS….damn… if IRIS 2 is supposed to pick up from where the first one left off does that mean Sun Hwa will return??…..i remember reading somewhere that Kim So Yeon said she wouldnt be returning to IRIS 2

  2. I’m completely floored at the spoiler. Doesn’t quite make sense to me. But IRIS had a ton of logical fallacies, so what else is new?

    • Not only that, he’s ALSO Gae Hwa (Chae Rim’s) useless ex-husband in Oh! My Lady. Hehe… To think that he managed to marry a bad-ass North Korean spy!

  3. I hate the end of iris,its makes me to shed tears,because i just cant guess who shot kim,he that had an accident and succeeded,why ordinary shot?Anyway i love the film but i hate the end! on said:

    I love the film but i hate the end!coz kim suppose to give his wife the ring.Damn!I shed tears!Anyway i love the musician and the quote.

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