In My Head – Brian Joo vs. Jason Derulo

I am WAAAAY behind on this song. Then again, I don’t pay attention to music so much so I heard this song for the first time last night – even though it came out a YEAR ago. Har har. Jason Derulo came out with this single last December (2009), and Brian Joo released a Korean version (a cover) in March 2010.

The above video is their duet on KBS’ Music Bank in March. The audio/video sync is off, which makes me think it was purposely done to stave off take down notices on Youtube… or it’s just bad lip syncing.

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Kim So Yeon wins Top Ten Stars Award at SBS

It’s drama awards season, but I just have to say:
Kim So Yeon won a Top Ten Actors award at the SBS Drama Awards 2010 for her role in Prosecutor Princess and Dr. Champ. Yay! But DOUBLE YAY for her amazing figure and dress! Black is a little safe – but she looks dangerously sexy. Just in time for Athena!

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Countdown to 2011

Kim Tae Hee: So, what do you think of 2011?

Happy New Year to all!

It’s been a crazy year in 2010, and I’m really glad that it was. I’m looking forward to 2011 and the dramas to come. There will be My Princess (starring the two actors whom I think have the looks but not the depth in acting skill), Dream High (which might work out, but I’m actually looking forward to What’s Up more – if it ever airs), Sign (Hmmm… sounds like an underrated drama in the works), The Duo (fantasy sageuk anyone?), City Hunter (I actually wrote City Hunger at first – which could be an interesting drama in itself, but anyways…), Poseidon, Faith (if it ever gets a lead…), and The Musical (I think the trend for 2011 is to do a lot of musicals).

Hmm… sounds like a good year to catch up on old dramas!

Hehe – I sound cynical, but honestly, not a single drama has really caught my eye with this line up. I think 2010 was an awesome year, because there was a huge spectrum of good, bad, and the middlers. I wonder if 2011 will be the same…

Pre-teen K-Pop Group Debuts

Yep – their average age is 10. New girl group Girl Story features Kim Hye In (9), Lee Yoon Jung (9), Kim Yu Ri (10), and Kim Chae Young (11), all of whom are in elementary school and most were child stars acting in dramas. They made their official debut on Wednesday and raised a lot of concerns.

Not a surprise, considering their debut track “Pinky Pinky” already contains some questionable lyrics (a line includes the phrase “hit on me” – uh, say whut?), and their promotional photos have them wearing cute, but skimpy, outfits. I don’t mind young singers whose selling point is their voice – but when it comes to Korean pop groups, I have a built-in distrust when seeing them debut. They’re all manufactured, and meant to sell. Unfortunately sex sells; looks sell. So I’m not too keen on seeing a new pop group debut at this age. They’re probably going to be tied down to doing these for a while – all the way til their teens and early twenties. They’re already child actors – must they be exposed to more of the limelight?

source: chosun ilbo, allkpop

Joo Jin Mo and Lee Da Hae Costar in New Film

Joo Jin Mo and Lee Da Hae will be costarring in a film called “Coffee.” What is up with everyone and their coffee obsession nowadays? Coffee House, Coffee Prince, Kang Ji Hwan‘s play “Caffeine” or “Cafe In,” coffee coffee coffee.

Anyways – this film is a historical one and recounts the story of Korea’s first female barista (played by Lee) serving King Gojong in the early 1900s. It’s based on the book “Russian Coffee” by Kim Tak Hwan. Joo will play a swindler/double agent from Russia.

As the story goes, King Gojong was the first to drink Western coffee in Korea, which was introduced to him by the Russians. The film also is based on the fact that Japan had sent spies to assassinate King Gojong before he declared Korea’s independence.

Hm – another historical for Lee; will audiences nitpick her fair skin, clean clothes, and shiny nails again for two hours?

source: asiae

News Bits: 12/28/10 Edition

Here’s a little update on the current status of dramas I am watching:

Runaway Plan B: Saw the end. I think this drama requires better, sit down, marathon viewing the moment I get on a holiday. I need to give it more attention than just skimming it. Either way, still think Daniel Henney is lame – his character I mean.

Queen of Reversals: Stuck at episode 6. Will move forward the moment Harvest Villa is done. The extension makes me move more slowly. Speaking of which…

Harvest Villa: Up to episode 11 (yay! Moved one episode forward!) and will be watching more. Am loving the mystery around Lee Bo Young‘s character. Finding it amusing that the two brothers are always in the middle of some mystery involving Bok Kyu and Seo Rin.

Secret Garden: Episodes 11-12 were a snooze fest. Really. But based on recaps, episode 13-14 seem to bring the momentum back. Am glad to hear that there is another body swap – if the selling point before the drama aired was the body swap, then you gotta make the most of it!

ATHENA: Please don’t disappoint!

But the preview above of next week’s episode shows BoA making her guest appearance. They really don’t waste any time with the cameos, do they? If only they could move the storyline faster! I wonder how BoA will tie in to the storyline, since the main arc is still about the elusive Kim Myung Guk and his nuclear technology.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Massive crowds of people try to get into Hogwarts.

Hm… I have done plenty of Harry Potter posts haven’t I? I try to keep this blog centered mainly on anything Asian and my drama addiction, but I also can’t help it if I delve into my other addiction with a British wizard.

Anyways – just want to say that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is pretty f-ing awesome. It’s a small section of Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, and for any fan out there, it’s almost like a must to visit. It’s quite authentic in its replica of Hogsmeade – I do feel like I’m stepping right into the movies. It’s a small mix of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade stores, but I think any fan can forgive the discrepancies in that. Hogwarts Castle is A-MA-ZING. And huge. It houses the one ride that I think is the best out of the entire Islands of Adventure theme park (although the Incredible Hulk roller coaster and Spider Man Adventure ride come in as close seconds). There’s also the Flight of the Hippogriff, which is a mini roller coaster that just spins around in circles, and the Dragon Challenge, meant to replicate the Dragon Task set during the Triwizard Tournament and has two trains of passengers go at the ride at the same time, parallel to each other. You swoop and swivel around, and you even come just a couple of feet away from the other train, your feet nearly touching the other. Pretty freaky. Pretty fun.

Other things to note: you can buy so many souvenirs and collectibles there it’s crazy. Butterbeer doesn’t taste as good as I thought it would taste. Everyone goes to Harry Potter World – the other places in Islands of Adventure are virtually empty, and there are no long lines for the other rides. Even Universal Studios closes earlier than Islands of Adventure (which was not the case a year ago).

When people go to Harry Potter land, everyone’s inner child comes out, and there’s no denying it.

News Bits: 12/27/10 Edition

Can you guess who the pretty lady is?

It’s none other than Kim Gab Soo – the elder actor extraordinaire who appeared in so many dramas this year. He changed his appearance for the sitcom All My Love where he plays the father Director Kim. The drama takes on a twist in the Kongji-Patji folk tale.

He looks quite fine for drag. Reminds me of Bae Jong Ok in some respects (and he even costarred with her in The World They Live In as the director who held a long torch for her).

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Greetings from the Secret Garden

Secret Garden cast members Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Philip Lee, Yoo In Na, and the PD all signed on a comment book to greet viewers and fans at DC Gallery Merry Christmas. Their thirteenth episode aired on Christmas Day with 24-25% viewership. Pretty impressive!

I wish there were a Yoon Sang Hyun one…but oh well…

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Behind the Scenes of ATHENA

A photo spamazz of ATHENA – ’cause you know I can’t resist it.

The photos are primarily of Su Ae and Lee Ji Ah from episodes 1 and 3. In Su Ae‘s photos, it appears that she’s getting ready to do her flying kick when she attacks one of the black ops agents in Hawaii and knocks him unconscious in an elevator. For Lee Ji Ah, her photos come from her vicious fight with baddie Victor in the basements of a stadium.

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