News Bits: 11/30/10 Edition

End of November. 31 more days and it’s the end of 2010. It’s so scary fast…

To add to this nostalgic feeling that I’m having, let us all say goodbye to Jung Kyung Ho – who has left for the army. This charmer started our year (or more like latter end of 2009) with Smile You and brought so much laughter and tears to our lives that now he ends the year with a salute and a “See you again.” He also enters the army during a time of turmoil between the North and South Koreas. Best of luck!

Here are a couple of stills from the set of My PrincessSong Seung Hoon stated that he hopes to impress viewers with another side of himself and that he has high expectations since this drama is his comeback to TV. The story goes where Kim Tae Hee is a college student who becomes a real life princess, while Song is a diplomat. (Assigned to protect her?) I like that Kim looks a tad bratty-in-a-good-way in the photo below. Or defiant. Which is it? Anyways – it just suggests that Kim may get to show off some spunk.

Crystal of girl group f(x) fainted onstage during a concert for the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert at the Olympic Stadium. She fell in the middle of the performance and was immediately carried out. The show went on, and Crystal was taken to a hospital. She reportedly had been suffering from stress and fatigue for a while.

Ada Choi, one of the top Hong Kong TV actresses and a runner up for the 1991 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, is pregnant. After two years of marriage to her husband Max Zhang, her husband announced the good news. She’s apparently over 3-months pregnant (makes sense, since people do not usually announce before the 3-month mark), but is still working on a new Mainland Chinese series. I only know her because of the numerous Canto-dramas I watched when I was younger. (Not a word of Cantonese stuck in my brain – even though I watched it without subtitles. All I know is my favorite food – although, I guess that’s all that really matters in the end, right?) She starred in dramas like At a Threshold of an Era, Healing Hands I & II, and Armed Reaction – they’re all old dramas, but again – I watched them when I was younger!! šŸ˜€

source: dramabeans, asiae, asianfanatics


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