ATHENA Press Conference

Can I just say how beeyouuutiful this cast is? Oh I’m not biased at all!

The cast of ATHENA held their press conference today/yesterday-Korea-time, and the drama will premiere on December 12. Lee Jia stated that she did not use her stunt double as much as possible, wanting to “immerse herself” into the role and also experience shooting in a foreign country. (She’s cooler than Park Chae Rin in Secret Garden).

Choi Si Won said his bit – stating that he’s not worried about comparisons to T.O.P. for his work in IRIS. I doubt there’s much to compare, save for the fact that both are singer/rapper-turned-actors. After all, Si Won’s role is completely different to that of T.O.P.’s and they both have different acting strengths. If they play up the comedy for Si Won’s character, I will highly approve.

But on to the photos! AND the new trailer below!


source: asiae, allkpop


3 thoughts on “ATHENA Press Conference

  1. hahaha…if i would, i would love to call dibs to woo sung but that’s for ockoala…so i’ll just stick with soo ae..paired with the ever so yummy lee jung jin…9 end 2 outs for the win!!!! LOVE THEM both!

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