Queen of Reversals Episodes 1-2: First Impressions

This is a bit overdue, since I saw the first episode a week or a week-and-a-half ago, and I just finished episode 2. I’ll be marathoning as much as I can and hopefully it’ll bring me up to speed…

The first two episodes move fairly quickly. It’s doing an excellent job in setting up the characters (and my hatred for Chae Jung Ahn). I understand why the drama characterizes the leads as such stereotypical heroine/bitchy lead/handsome aw-shucks guy/playboy chaebol, though I’m not loving it. I’m bored by the character set ups, so I’m really hoping that when they add in the depth, it’ll make each character more unique. Jung Joon Ho has hilarious chemistry with Kim Nam Joo – although sometimes they act more like friends. Then again, their characters don’t know each other well so I guess it’s apropos. I looooove the two of them – just because they’re kinda cute together. Kim Nam Joo portrays Tae Hee quite nicely – she’s never too stiff, she cries well (ahh the mark of a good actor…), and I can always feel what her character’s feeling. She may have been quite shameless in her flirting, but I think it was kinda funny – considering the way Kim Nam Joo plays her. Jung Joon Ho is just like a bumbling klutz, and it’s kinda sweet. Don’t know how long that act will be “sweet” though… And as for Chae Jung Ahn, I can’t sympathize with her at all, even when they give her glimpses of depth in episode 2 over her memories with Jun Soo. I know I should feel bad for her because she now can’t have what Tae Hee has…but I don’t. The underlings are so annoyingly petty and…annoying. I mean really, they don’t know the art of talking behind a person’s back.

There are rivalries all around, and the one between the mothers is kind of amusing. I love that they stay over at Tae Hee and Jun Soo’s home to claim their position as the favored mother in law, but it just means they have to overhear their children cuddling. I was kinda hoping they’d both leave and give up. I mean really – why are you crashing at a newlyweds‘ place!?

But the petty rivalry between Tae Hee and Yoo Jin is ridiculously intense – I rejoice every time Tae Hee wins, no matter how small the victory is. Yoo Jin is really evil – she really takes it a step further when she exacts revenge to the point that I sometimes think it’s unnecessary. One particular moment is when she set Tae Hee up on a meeting with another company’s HR manager and brought the Madam over to the same cafe to misunderstand the entire meeting – and this is what, payback for Tae Hee calling her a woman with multiple faces and thus a walking psycho horror movie? Why she must go through such lengths to ruin Tae Hee, I don’t understand. You can’t even vilify Tae Hee completely for her strictness as a Team Leader, especially when her methods led to success. That is why I rejoiced when she called out Yoo Jin in front of everyone (the stupid underlings) and said that she had never taken credit for someone else’s work. I like that she proved her superiority in that way, because even though you want to take revenge on someone you hate, don’t do it compromising your ethics – you’re still an example to everyone as a person of higher position.

(By the way – the Madam’s red lips bother me SO. MUCH. She already looks like she has a continual frown, and with the red lipstick, she sounds like she put on those fake clown lips.)

I’m dying for more Park Shi Hoo, because aside from just seeing my one true wuv on screen, the other thing I love about it is that he’s probably going to be my only breath of fresh air, because he’s kinda above the pettiness that is currently going on between the main three leads.

I can’t believe that Yoo Jin’s character is so clearly shameless in her methods, but I know that by watching this drama, I’m kinda signing up for these frustrations to appear in each episode. But as I said before, the drama moves fairly quickly, and I like that there are more plot developments with each episode. It kind of reminded me of Prosecutor Princess (and I hear the groans of “Here we go again – Kaedejun is comparing another drama to PP…”) but really – Prosecutor Princess moved quickly in the personal developments and the case developments with each episode. Queen of Reversals is doing the same thing, and I have to say I have never felt bored. I have never felt like I should be multitasking while watching this drama, which I can’t say the same for for Joseon X-Files.

With 2 episodes done, I really can’t wait to see what happens next. Episode 3 – you better not disappoint – and Park Shi Hoo – COME BAAAAAAAACK!

EDIT: (sorry am watching Episode 3 as I finish up this post – clearly I can’t wait – and I have to say to the Madam – SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR BEING SO COLD HEARTED TO YOUR PROTEGEE! Sheesh – LOYALTY GOES BOTH WAYS!)


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