Lee Jong Seok is Jay Park’s Replacement

Aha… I’d been watching Secret Garden while completely forgetting the minute fact that Jaebeom Park was supposed to be in it. Har har. Turns out, it’s this kiddo – Lee Jong Seok. He plays Tae Sun – the singer-songwriter who rebuffs Oska continually.

(I think it’s clear I’m crazy about this drama – aside from Hyun Bin’s asshole-ery, it’s still something that’s attracting my attention week after week. His psyche is messed up, and he’s far worse than Seo In Woo I’ll give you that, but at least we know he IS mental. Seo In Woo was just obsessed with revenge, and yet perfectly sane. Joo Won is..not. But I’m sorry – I still laugh at how ridiculous he is, even when he’s mean. He’s too funny! I know I’ll probably eat my words once I watch episode 5.)

He’s a model turned actor, and not a singer at all. To sing as well as he does in the drama, he trained under a vocal coach. He was going to be an idol singer (ha! so you really don’t have to be a great singer to become an idol singer – proof! proof!) but went for modeling and acting instead.

And guess what – he was in Prosecutor Princess! As Lee Woo Hyun – whom I think is Han Jung Soo‘s assistant.

source: popseoul


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