News Bits: 11/27/10 Edition

Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P.) won best new actor award in the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his role in “Into the Fire” – YAY!

Choi Seung Hyun also shows up on the red carpet lookin’ “Like a G6” – NOOOOO!

Ohmyohmyohmy! Birdie Buddy just might get bumped up a bit earlier with a premiere in late December following Queen of Reversals on MBC. Methinks it’s a tad weird to see people in summer gear in the middle of winter…but nothing beats escapism!?

Lee Byung Hun will cameo in a Japanese drama called Diplomat Kuroda Kousaku, which follows a diplomat who solves crimes on the side. He will play a friend of the said diplomat (played by Oda Yuji) and will speak in English the entire time. It is said that ever since IRIS aired in Japan, he’s been getting a lot of requests to star in a Japanese drama.

And this is why people should not get plastic surgery…or at least be way aware of the risks. A former Super Girl contestant (a competition for singers) recently died while undergoing a jaw-shaving procedure. It was said to be an anesthetic accident (though it could have been a mistake on the doctor’s part) that led to her lungs filling up with blood. Wang Bei had lost the competition and had not found much success as a singer, so she went through the surgery in the hopes that a prettier face would get her into the entertainment industry.

source: dramabeans, asiae, asianfanatics


One thought on “News Bits: 11/27/10 Edition

  1. yay!!! i squeel with you kaedejun…i knew that you would be happy when top won, because i read your post on how you like into the fire and top’s acting…and ME TOO…he was so good!!! hope to see him in a drama…

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