Lee Joon Hyuk in Secret Garden

Secret Garden is literally my new obsession. I am really enjoying this drama, and I even feel like I could watch the episodes over and over again. I don’t know why – maybe it’s because I love seeing Hyun Bin as the imperfect arrogant chaebol, or maybe because I love kickass girls, or maybe because I love Yoon Sang Hyun’s over the top performance as Oska – the man who thinks he’s the hottest thing in the world.

But now there’s Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hall, I Am Legend) in the mix! The PD and writer of City Hall are doing Secret Garden so they tapped him for a cameo. It seems like he will appear in the flashback that reveals more about Oska and Seul’s relationship. Looking forward to it!

source: newsen



4 thoughts on “Lee Joon Hyuk in Secret Garden

  1. I have one or two problems with this drama. After falling in love with Hyun Bin’s antics, I really really really hated him in the last episodes. Methinks he’ll have to do a lot in order to regain my affections. How can anybody fall for him when he’s such a royal ass, is beyond me. It’s not just another snotty chaebol kid, he’s taken the cliché to new heights, becoming an unbearable violent psychopath (WHY YES I’M ANALYSING HIS PSYCHE). I know it’s a recurring topic in the drama itself (that of him being unstable and stuff), but this is just too much to handle.

    So angry at him.

    Yes, I should be studying. Why can’t real life and drama obsessions be compatible?


    • i love how you’re now analyzing his psyche. 😛

      he is a psychopath. and emotionally violent. but it’s true – he’s really upping the ante so that once the body switch happens, the personality reversal will be THAT much greater. am i excusing his bad behavior for the sake of the drama? a little bit. but i am REALLY amused by it. i know he’s a horrible person, and i would never stand for him and his meanness, especially towards a girl whose self-esteem ain’t the highest. but he is SO FUNNY. i don’t know why i laugh.


  2. so joo woon is more horrible than seo in woo? So many hates in woo in dramabeans when pp it’s airing…. Lol

    yesss we love joo woon because he is funny…. If not, i will hate him.

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