South Korea vs. North Korea and Kim Hye Sung

Kim Hye Sung (Unstoppable High Kick) has announced that he will enlist in early 2011, which is earlier than expected since he’s only 22. Most stars enlist as late as possible, since when they’re in their early-twenties they’re already making a name for themselves. He’s a solid actor, although he hasn’t done anything that would catapult him into perhaps Lee Min Ho-levels of fame just yet. But it’s scary that he’s a young lad and enlisting at this time, considering what happened just yesterday in South Korea.

An attack was made on Yeonpyeong Island, which is within firing distance from North Korea. They launched artillery rockets at the island at 2:34pm Korea time, and the attack lasted a little over an hour. Residents fled to Incheon or to the nearby So-Yeonpyeong Island, while the fires destroyed more homes and buildings on the island. There have been two casualties in the Korean marines, and many more injured.

It was all because North Korea said that South Korea had fired artillery into North Korea’s side of the sea border. South Korea said they did fire test shots, but that none of them landed in North Korean waters. The area in dispute is also where the Cheonan warship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo (which North Korea denied). North Korea’s attack might also be a response to South Korea’s military drills, which the North sees as South’s way of preparing for attack.

This attack comes as tensions between the two countries have boiled over int he past two years ever since South Korea said they were going to cut off economic assistance since North Korea was developing nuclear weapons. They still are, by the way. It’s also coming during a time when North Korea’s politics are undergoing a shift in leadership, as Kim Jong Il hands over power to youngest son Kim Jong Eun.

Of course, you get the typical responses from the involved countries:

United States: Damn you North Korea! Stop what you’re doing you stupid child!

European Union: North Korea must stop whatever they are doing right now, as they are violating the terms of the Armistice Agreement.

Japan: We’re going to investigate this further!

China: Guys, let’s all play nice…


source: dramabeans, wsj, nyt


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