Golden Horse Awards 2010

Taiwanese film When Love Comes won Best Film at the Golden Horse awards. Why is it so significant? Because the Golden Horse Film Awards is the Chinese-version of the Oscars, and when I say “Chinese,” I mean mainland China.

The film is very Taiwanese-society-centric, as it focuses on the struggles and the drama behind a polygamous Taiwanese family. Narrated from the point of view of the daughter, Laichun, the film details how a man, Hei Mian, marries into his wife’s family because they need a man to carry on the name. However, the wife ends up being infertile, and so she allows her husband to take on his ex-girlfriend as his mistress. The mistress gives birth to two daughters, including Laichun, and a baby boy. (And the family goes “Hallelujah! There’s a boy!” Kidding. Sort of. Not really.) Laichun ends up being a troubled teen and the family is rife with troubles anyways over lack of privacy. Then, Laichun gets knocked up and abandoned by her boyfriend, the father dies, and the mistress takes over as head of household when the wife falls into depression. Dark movie huh?

Ethan Ruan won best actor for his role in “Monga,” in whichhe played a gangster in 1980’s Taiwan. It’s also his first movie role. Both Ethan and the film “When Love Comes” faced heavy competition against blockbuster films and veteran actors, and yet trumped them.

And now, some red carpet pictures! Ethan Ruan is up above, so below are the rest:

Left: Li Bing Bing (famous Chinese actress who appeared in “The Message” (in which she won best actress at last year’s Golden Horse Awards, and will be in the upcoming “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.” Her film “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” was also nominated for several awards.)

Right: Elva Hsiao (singer and actress, appeared in “Infernal Affairs”)

Eric Tsang is in the middle there, and he was supposed to appear in Runaway Plan B but ended up not…

Left: Ady An (of Autumn Concerto) and right: Blue Lan Cheng Long (of P.S. Man)

Left: Lin Chi Ling (actress/model who appeared in “Red Cliff”) and right: Vivian Hsu (actress/singer)

Left: Nicholas Tse (husband of Cecilia Cheung; nominated for best supporting actor in “Bodyguards and Assassins;” didn’t win.)

Right: Sammo Hung (action star; nominated for best action choreography for “Detective Dee…;” won.)

Ang Lee, Sylvia Chang, and Jackie Chan.

Hosts Dee Hsu (also younger sister of Barbie Hsu) and Kevin Tsai of the talk show Kangxi Lai Le. Don’t get me started on the get up.

Source: bbc news, yeinjee, lovehkfilm


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