Park Min Young’s Past

OK – I don’t usually go for these scandalous type of posts. Oh who am I kidding? I read them all the time! But this one really shocked me.

I was shown this particular news article and it gave me quite a scare. Call me mean, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe it’s old news for some, but for me – this is new.

The article states that Park Min Young openly admitted to having had plastic surgery, saying that it isn’t bad to reveal the past. And one hell of a past it was! Apparently her mother also had her get double eyelid surgery while in middle school so that she could be “prettier.” She also got a nose surgery.

Seriously Korea, I know you obsess about beauty but plastic surgery when you’re not even a teen yet!? I’ve already lost a lot of faith in “natural beauty” in Korean celebs, but this is really hitting hard.

Park Min Young also ended her statement saying that fans should keep their trust in the “new Park Min Young.” Yeah. OK.

Now when I think about it, she looks like Choi Jung Won in some angles. (Look at Ja Myung Go, the first still on that page on the player)

source: sportsseoul


10 thoughts on “Park Min Young’s Past

  1. I think she might also have shaved her jaw, but I’m not sure. I heard it’s usually a package. Double lid, nose job, jaw shave, and a touch of filler on forehead.

    Although having it in middle school is pretty early, I guess cos they usually do it after highschool, before getting into college.

  2. yeah!!! that’s what i thought too! i was going to credit it to weight loss, though it’s kinda extreme. she even looks a tad different from Ja Myung Go…making me think she had either the jaw shave then, or another surgery.

  3. Yeah. I, too, was shocked. I am a Filipino, and I praise Korean actresses so much that I even forget local celebrities here. But when I saw Korean actors having surgery, I also lost trust to their faces. Nothing seems so real now. And I started appreciating Filipino actors more than I do with Koreans. 🙂

  4. This is kinda dissapointing,i really thought she was for real…granted i may have been a little naive to think it was natural beauty cuz’ she is really cute but in the end koreans take after the american industry in which everything,including people are products to consume based on looks. it’s so sad. Sure,even i’m a little shallow cuz’ i like the after surgery version better but i still can’t help but feel sad when confronted with this reality. This dissapointment is exactly the same that i felt when i found out about Cho Kyuhyun’s (Super Junior) eye surgery,i still like him a lot but it’s too bad that part of him is sort of manufactured. Oh well… i think we should still support them beacause they’re still talented people regardless of their looks.

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