Forget You, Mr. Shue – Glee’s “The Substitute”

You think I would let Gwyneth Paltrow and Mike Chang’s (almost solo) performance go by without a blog post?


These two need to become potential lovers.

First, I’ll start with Mike Chang – because 1) he’s getting so many more lines and 2) his little kid version had a line and 3) he had a dance performance with Will Schuester that was ridiculously cool.

Even in the preview for next week’s episode, he has a short clip.


That’s old news though

So unless the writers are just listening to me and a million others complain all day long about a lack of Mike Chang, then I’m expecting some plot development for Harry Shum Jr.’s character, because otherwise, they’re just putting in some hollow eye candy in each episode with no intention to go any further than emphasizing (again) that Mike Chang is a great dancer. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t establish it already when Young Mike Chang said, “I just want to dance.”

(By the way – the young Santana looked Filipino. She could very well have been Hispanic too, but just sayin’…)

Now on to Gwyneth – that girl can sing! Then again, I knew she could sing, since she was in the film “Duets,” but she was never a particularly strong singer. But her turn in this episode and also her performance in the recent Country Music Awards did show that she’s got the talent to be a singer. And her moves have been very calculated – she has been acting less, been more active in the country scene, and now has an episode in “Glee.” And I sure hope there will be more.

As for “Glee,” this is probably one of the best episodes for this season. This season has been lagging for me, going in peaks and valleys that I’m not dying to watch each episode each week. (And that’s bad, since I’ve already brutally cut NCIS and Community and The Office from my life – quitting cold turkey isn’t as hard as I thought it would be for these shows.) The Charice-episode was particularly memorable because it was so great to have a singer go toe-to-toe with the undisputed diva Lea Michele. That’s what I liked about Gwyneth too – her character said outright, “You SUCK!” to Rachel Berry. Amen! The other memorable episode was when Mike Chang talk-sang and danced (duh). Sorry Britney – it was good, but not quite great.

“Glee” needs to go back to doing what it does best – mashing up songs, adding new characters that fit, and staying recent. Because honestly, I am becoming a shallow viewer of the show, and really – the music is all I care about. While “Singing in the Rain”-“Umbrella” isn’t a perfect mash-up, it’s definitely a fun way to update and make the 50’s classic song relevant again, and they never go wrong with Rihanna.

I understand the importance of Kurt’s character in society, but sometimes, he comes off as too perfect that it’s unbelievable. Yes, there are misfits who want to see themselves portrayed in TV, but what about the one who is not a misfit? The normal guy/girl who knows exactly who s/he is and doesn’t mind fitting in with just a small group of friends, not desiring to be accepted by all. Yeah – that person might be boring because that person has no drama in his/her life. However, wouldn’t it be fun to just show a person who is a well-adjusted teen!?

Yes – this is my way of saying I want more Mike Chang, since everyone seems to belong to a certain category except him.


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