News Bits: 11/17/10 Edition

It has been a FULL WEEK since I last did one of these. Dang…

Do I have an excuse? No. 😀

My recap is going to go up later this week, but I just want to say that I finally finished Dr. Champ! And I think it is safe to say that while I didn’t love it, I liked it. Very much. If I proclaimed my love for it now, I know it is purely because I am riding on a high right now, since I just finished it. I’m not going to give my review of it here, lest it be a double post of sorts, but here’s a review of the final episode. WARNING: read it ONLY if you watched it already OR want to know what happened at the end.

Kim So Yeon – you make me proud, as always. (I’m allowed to claim a “girl” and have my girl crush right? Because while Park Shi Hoo and Uhm Tae Woong are mine, I am staking a claim on Kim So Yeon. She is awesome to the nth degree.)

But on to the other news. I feel like Barbie Hsu‘s impending marriage is like the Asian version of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement. Except, William and Kate are way cooler and more important and reported by every single news outlet. (Look – they even get mentioned on my tiny blog!) But Barbie Hsu – almost every day I see a news article about her. Like for example, yesterday she and her fiance registered their marriage. And it rips the headlines once again.

I hope none of you have a crush on Wang Lee Hom, or Angela Zhangrumor has it that they may be more than friends based on a night of drinking. PLEASE! Can’t a guy get touchy-feely when drunk? The two of them are filming an advertisement in Shanghai. Their respective agencies released statements refuting the matter: his said that the two of them ate at a fancy restaurant (not nightclub as was reported) and were there with 10 other people; hers said that the two of them are good friends from way before. I would believe Zhang’s statement more, since saying that they were eating with 10 other people makes it seem like an obvious lie. Hellooo? I saw You’re Beautiful too ya’ know – ya’ll make these statements all the time to cover up a relationship.

Jay Chou was praised for his portrayal as Kato in “The Green Hornet,” which comes out on January 27, 2011. In this trailer, he is featured more prominently and has more speaking lines. A test screening also revealed that the audience had  a very positive reaction to the film. Makes me excited!

Yamashita Tomohisa, or Yamapi, is going to star in a new live-action film based on a manga called “Ashita no Jo,” also known as “Tomorrow’s Joe.” He plays Yabuki Joe, who is a troubled young man who finds himself in the boxing world. Utada Hikaru will sing the film’s theme song, “Show Me Love (Not a Dream)” and it will be featured in her upcoming singles collection.

Gong Yoo is definitely adorable in this trailer for his latest film “Finding Kim Jong Wook.” I love him being so geeky! (I also like that one of his “clients”? is his father from Coffee Prince. Good times.) But apparently, he just might be dating (or will date) co-star Lim Soo Jung in real life. She said during a press conference that the two of them got closer because of the dating rumors, from years ago, and said that she will leave further relationship developments “to time.”

And I say NOOOOOO! Nothing against the girl, except, she’s not the person I’d imagine him to be with. Then again, I of course would rather he be with me, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Shindong of Super Junior injured his shoulder. The report says that it happened when he was shooting a television show, and he will have to wear shoulder pads and undergo physical therapy. I’m hoping the “show” is not Dr. Champ. The injuries are supposed to stay WITHIN the show! Not outside it!!!

Park Chan Wook may be making his first English film, directing a film written by Wentworth Miller and starring Carey Mulligan and Jodie Foster. The film, “Stoker” is about a woman whose uncle returns to her life after the death of her father. The title sounds dark, and like there are vampire references in it. If there is, I’m going to protest against having another vampire-themed movie/show out there. Twilight – stop it! Where are the Harry Potter spin offs and rip offs!

And finally, Kim Jeong Hoon of Goong released his Japanese album today/yesterday. Even though he’s still in the military. He has about 100 days to go (and his fellow soldiers will listen to his radio program for that much longer), but his fans in Japan are going to hold an event at a Tokyo club to celebrate the release.

sources: asiae, dramabeans, asianfanatics


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 11/17/10 Edition

  1. waw I’m so happy for Park Chan Wook! I’m sure that he will direct a amazing movie and all world gonna know him! he deserves it!

    and ISJ & GYOO issue! I dont like them together too! but not becouse of ISJ! nothing against him but ISJ is korea’s one of the most beautiful and cutest girl! all actors and singers are fan of her I always want to see her with a more handsome and cool man then Gong Yoo! Its mine and my friends opinion!

  2. Hey, couldn’t help but notice 3 familiar faces on your banner’s right side. ^^

    Yippee about reading your recap soon on DB. Looking forward to it, as usual. 🙂

    Other than that, Jung Gyu Woon is mine. 😀

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