Secret Garden – Episode 1: First Impressions

Oh wow. I didn’t expect to like this drama until I read dramabeans’ recaps. And even then I was kinda iffy (although I definitely liked the recaps for this drama more than Mary Stayed Out All Night. Who would’ve thought!?)

Anyways – on to the first impressions. By the way – I’m watching them without subs, so forgive me if I get some facts wrong (although I should have no excuse since javabeans’ recap is right. there.)

Ha Ji Won. is. GRIPPING. Every time she’s on the screen I pause and stare. I can’t take my eyes off of her. She really sells the whole “action stuntwoman” role. I would watch her in any movie as much as I would watch Angelina Jolie. She’s really good at her role, since she plays it so effortlessly and so earnestly, switching between kick-ass to sweet tomboy in a snap.

Kim Sa Rang is absolutely hateful. I do get why she’s so annoying though, and I’m not going to hate the actress for it. Since I hate her so much, that just means she’s doing so well in her role. Her one scene of empathy is when she’s watching Oska’s concert. While I don’t really care if she has an empathetic side to her or not (she’s not the draw of this drama, character or actress-wise), she does do well in portraying that sympathetic side to her. She also reminds me of UEE, when UEE was absolutely annoying and conniving in You’re Beautiful, but when she grew frustrated in her make-up room over losing out to Go Mi Nam you kinda felt bad for her. Well, I did.

Yoon Sang Hyun – his VOICE! Goodness, I never really realized what a great singer he was. I should have, since I saw Queen of Housewives. But still – it’s not the same as seeing him onstage. Woo! Fave scene was certainly seeing him mouthing off the actress early in the morning, and then waving at his cousin good bye. So awkward, so funny, so cheeky! Why he switched from curly to straight hair I have no idea. I hope they keep the curly long-ish hair on him. I way prefer that then his hair looking like a sleek mop. Also, that moment in the club where he is entranced by a young singer was kinda weird. Made me think that Oska is secretly gay or something.

Hyun Bin – hm… is it me or when I look at him, I see a mix of No Min Woo circa My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Im Seulong circa Personal Taste. But he’s so cute and endearing when he’s dealing with Oska’s issues and interacting with Ra Im (Ha’s character). He ends up looking like a little boy. Despite his bravado, once he’s alone or with someone he trusts (in a one-on-one situation) he becomes an insecure boy who knows he has big shoes to fill and working hard to march around without tripping. I like Hyun Bin here much more – he talks more, is whip-lash quick, and also still as “cool” as his My Lovely Sam Soon character. I like this new side of Hyun Bin!

Now on to the story – it’s fast paced and light, and easy to swallow. It may be a little cliched with the characterizations so far, but it’s not too bothersome because I know that the body switch is going to happen soon. Plus, when Joo Won sees Ra Im in action for the first time, he’s enthralled with her as if the sweet leading lady first saw the arrogant man-of-her-life. It’s interesting that it’s the man who’s interested in her first, but not in a romantic way (unlike Ji Heon with Yeon Woo in Dr. Champ). It moved kind of fast that all of a sudden he was really worried about her, but if that’s the case, I’m hoping this entire drama moves quickly. It’s setting up quite a frenetic pace that I hope it can uphold.

I mean, how many crazy obstacles and misunderstandings can you create with the body switching?

Perhaps, Kim Sa Rang’s character is going to fall in love with Ra Im-in-Joo Won’s body, while Ra Im will do all she can to take revenge against the snooty lady. And how will Joo Won react to Jong Soo’s attentions!?

(Side note: Sorry, not finding Philip Lee too hot. Two reasons: 1) I hate the HAIR! and 2) Second Lead syndrome much? Although points for pushing Joo Won out of the way and carrying her out of the hospital like a princess.)

Peppy music, cute leads, and a chance for awkward hijinks? I think this drama is up on my list first before Jang Geun Suk. (Sorry!!!)


One thought on “Secret Garden – Episode 1: First Impressions

  1. Did I tell you that I love Secret Garden more than MMM? Yeah the first two episodes of SG had me giggling and squealing like a little girl while MMM left me wanting to join in on the alcohol drinking partay. Welcome back, Binnie and Ha Ji Won!

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