News Bits: 11/10/10 Edition

Kang Ji Hwan has signed on for a new drama – Faith. He’s taking over for Lee Jun Ki, who’s in the army, and will star opposite Kim Hee Sun (Sad Love Story) in this fusion historical medical drama that will also be filmed in 3D. Cool. Not interested. Although – I have to say, I think Kang is a better fit opposite Kim in this drama, compared to Lee, so kudos on the casting!

Jang Geun Suk clearly isn’t busy enough, because despite filming Mary Stayed Out All Night he’s also going to go on a four-city tour around Japan starting this Friday. The tickets sold out the moment it went on sale too.

Ji Jin Hee will also be going abroad – to promote Dong Yi and hold fan meetings in Taiwan. It will begin airing on GTV on November 15.

Utada Hikaru directed her latest music video, “Goodbye Happiness,” which will be included in her upcoming albumUtada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2.” This is her first time as a director and was shot as one continuous take. It’s pretty cute and simple, and the song is catchy. Yay Utada!

What made me laugh though, was the delivery boy at the end with the Ash Ketchum cap.

Update on Selina and Yu Hao Ming – while Selina is getting better slowly, and the medication is working, Yu has been suffering from sleepless nights and hasn’t been able to move his arms or legs yet. He’s also had to sleep on a turning bed because of the burns on his back. His fever recently subsided, and the wounds on his face are slowly healing. Yes – Yu is definitely taking the brunt of the injuries, since he had protected Selina when the explosions blew up. The explosions were supposed to go off one by one, but they had gone off all at once, causing the accident. An investigation is under way, and it looks like the explosives engineer will be put largely to blame.

source: dramabeans, asiae, asianfanatics


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