News Bits: 11/9/10 Edition

Recognize this guy? ‘Cause I didn’t at first. 😛

However, that’s Park Hae Jin – he starred in The Infamous Chill Sisters, Like Land and Sky, and East of Eden. I loved him in Like Land and Sky, which I knew as High as Sky, Wide as Earth on TV. Anyways – he’s going to debut as a singer in Japan next year. His single will be used as the theme song for Shakking 2: Unmei no Houshuu (I have no idea what show that is or what it translates to).

Looks like Han Ji Hye is jumping right back to work after her wedding and honeymoon. She’s slated to star in a Drama Special for KBS called Pianist. She plays a piano teacher who had to give up up her dream as a pianist because of her poor financial background. She meets a tuner in a piano factory who has great talent but has never been given the chance to play the piano. The typical melodrama, I say.

Barbie Hsu finally met her mother-in-law. (Like what, 7 days after her engagement, and 27 days after she started dating the lady’s son?) Her mother-in-law was reportedly down with a flu and so Barbie and her fiancee flew to Shanghai to visit her. The mother-in-law was thrilled (to have such a famous and caring daughter-in-law) that she has approved, and has stated that the couple will not need a pre-nuptial agreement. Screw that, I say, and get one.

The drama What’s Up starring Im Joo Hwan, Im Joo Eun (haha, the two of their names), and Daesung. It looks like a Korean version of “Fame,” but it’s really interesting looking. Plus, Im Joo Hwan looks more like Momo (or Takeshi Goda) from You’re My Pet than Jang Geun Suk in this drama.

source: asiae, asianfanatics, dramabeans


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