The Warrior’s Way Trailer

Oh my God – I was watching TV when all of a sudden there it was! A TV trailer of “The Warrior’s Way”! I am amazed, because clearly the film is getting marketed! Even if it may be to a small audience. The film is clearly geared for guys, and it has the feel of Jang Dong Gun‘s last international film “The Promise.” I did not think that the film was going to make much of a dent or even be properly marketed, but would just remain in art house theaters. But! There it is on TV! The film has realistic and fantastical elements to it, which makes sense since it comes from the producers of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Anyways, good going Jang Dong Gun! Your films have reached our shores twice, more so than any other Korean actor. Until Lee Byung Hoon‘s “GI: Joe 2” comes out.


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