News Bits: 11/8/10 Edition

Aww – Kim Bum and Hwang Jung Eum (of Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and High Kick Through the Roof respectively) have a new CF together promoting a buffet-like restaurant called D’Maris. (I would like to see a restaurant in the States make a commercial like this. And I don’t mean your Burger King/McDonalds/Wendy’s type of thing.) This particular CF shows off Hwang’s singing and dancing, and ends with Kim Bum and Hwang doing a couple heart. Hence the “aww…”

Here are another two singer-turned-actor idols that are actually more impressive than initially thought: Ga In and Jo Kwon received rave reviews from audiences in regards to their acting as fraternal twins in the sitcom All My Love. That’s good to hear – since singer-turned-actor idols tend to be mediocre to “meh…ok,” rather than “outstanding from the get go.”

Lee Yoon Ji (of Dandelion Family) has been cast in Dream High. Now there are a whopping total of two real actors on the drama – her and Kim Soo Hyun. Yay? I definitely did enjoy her performance in Dandelion Family, whatever little that I saw of it.

Park Shin Yang and Kim Ah Joong‘s new drama has been retitled from “Heaven” to “Sign.” It’s a medical-forensic science drama, and to have it called Sign seems more appropriate. However, the first thing that popped into my head was: “So – are the dead going to be giving signs to Park about their killers? A la Pushing Daisies? or Ghost Whisperer?” The new title definitely makes it sound more horror than…melodrama?

KARA’s Seung Yeon is singing for the Mary Stayed Out All Night OST! Which is premiering tonight! (Or, technically, already premiered in Korea time.) It definitely has a light, happy feel to it. Reminds me of that Coffee House song “Coffee over Milk” and the theme song for Wish Upon a Star.

Lee Min Ho got injured! While shooting for City Hunter! And it wasn’t edited out in his recent photo shoot! Oh the photoshop of horrors! First of all, he’s sporting No Min Woo – Gumiho Hunter hair, and now photos of his scratched knuckles (which aren’t really that bad) are being featured. Is this the production company’s way of ramping up hype, since City Hunter is plot-wise similar to Runaway Plan B?

And last but not least: Secret Garden. Me love these screen shots. Me also bet that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won have definitely switched bodies already by this scene. Me also think that if they haven’t yet, then Ha Ji Won is beyond cool.

source: allkpop, dramabeans, asiae, popseoul, soompi


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 11/8/10 Edition

  1. ” Now there are a whopping total of two real actors on the drama – her and Kim Soo Hyun”…apparently uhm ki joon will be in it too…so now that’s three….yayyyyy!!

    • really!? i’m going to make it a capital YAYYYYYY because Uhm Ki Joon got theater skills to boot – talented on stage and on screen – now this drama might be saved!

      what is he? the professor?

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