News Bits: 11/4/10 Edition

Relive the Gumiho magic here! Hoi-hoi!

As if Taecyeon weren’t enough, Woo Young from 2PM and miss A’s Suzy will be joining the cast of Dream High as an overseas dancer and an aspiring singer respectively. Suzy is also the “prettiest girl” at school. Sigh* I don’t know how I feel about all these boy/girl idols going on to a drama. Just because they sing doesn’t mean they’re talented enough to act – especially since I feel that most girl/boy groups are “manufactured” nowadays, if you know what I mean. But miss A seems to be quite the hot band nowadays – I keep hearing about them.

Not to be outdoneU-Know Yunho is cast as Oh Yoon Jae, a special forces soldier for the National Maritime Police Academy in Poseidon, costarring Eric Mun. Tryin’ to prove he’s got more acting skills after his sad flop Heading to the Ground.

The Guangzhou 2010 Asia Games (which I think are what is constantly being referred to by the characters in Dr. Champ) will have Kim Hyun Joong in their midst as he will sing the theme song “Sunshine Again” at the opening ceremony on November 12. (Things are becoming SO MUCH CLEARER now in regards to the timing of Dr. Champ‘s broadcast, and the urgency of the characters to compete… lol.) He will join 4 other Chinese singers onstage.

Han Chae Young’s next project is a Chinese film called “Big Deal” starring Lan Cheng Long of that Taiwanese drama Easy Fortune Happy Life which I could never finish watching. The film is about how young people struggle as they try to start up their own businesses. The film is to premiere all over Asia as well as the US. I wonder if that’s to help her foray into Hollywood.

So – wondering how Hayate the Combat Butler will be done? Most likely, it’ll be done completely in Mandarinnot dubbed. Park Shin Hye is reportedly studying Mandarin like crazy and trying to practice with costar George Hu every chance she gets. Unfortunately, Hu was in the States for a while prior to the drama so his Mandarin is rusty. The other costar Shao Xiang (who plays Park’s fiance in the drama) doesn’t know Korean so he says that his exchanges with Park are mostly warm smiles. (LOL.) On top of the language barrier, the costars are all reportedly bonding – through a series of pranks. Park and Hu initially “communicated” through these pranks, but then Shao joined in on the fun, and it’s even caused Park to cry out, “I want to go home!” in Korean. Poor gal – though I’m sure she can handle it. 😀

And here is a nice little round up post to put a nice little neat bow on the drama that was Sungkyunkwan Scandal. (Which by the way, there is a real life scandal going on regarding how Go Ah Sung seems to have been accepted to Sungkyunkwan University through special admissions, and she’s receiving a lot of flak for it. She’s not the only one though.)

source: asiae, asianfanatics, seoulbeats


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