Kim So Yeon Cameos in ATHENA

Ah! Ahhhh! AHHHHH!

ATHENA cameos x (Kim So Yeon + Kim Seung Woo) = AWESOMENESS!!!!

She will join the cast for the New Zealand shoot, which will be right after the Hawaii one that features Hollywood screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart as the head of ATHENA organization. She will factor in on a plot twist and will look very different from how she did in IRIS. Well duh – she grew out her hair for one.

If I ever get to recap this drama, I will be a certified Kim So Yeon-addict.

And I’m still waitin’ on that Queen of Reversals cameo!

source: dramabeans, allkpop


8 thoughts on “Kim So Yeon Cameos in ATHENA

  1. Another reason to watch Athena for me now — to see Kim So Yeon and Kim Seung Woo kick butt like no other! I hope the cameo is longer than a minute. I gotta take screencaps to save for the future! Anyways, yes…where IS that QoR cameo? You know what’s so ironic? That these two people from IRIS are also expected to cameo for QoR. I mean, Kim Seung Woo has already shot his cameo scene and we’re just waiting for Kim So Yeon to do the same. 😛

  2. is KSY’s cameo in QoR confirmed? anyways, if that was true, then good job endodo for thinking of such escaped my mind…hahaha..and here’s another thing, both shows (if athena premieres and QoR will still air) will be competing with each other..and moreso, the husband and wife is competing with each other…ha!

    I’m excited that Kim So Yeon is back at being fierce, because though i love her bumbling characters, i like her more being cool…and that girl is really keeping busy this year…with 3 dramas and with SBS nonetheless, haha foreseeing some acting awards for her…though the daesang would probably fall on the lap of my another love ko hyun jung for daemul…

    • It’s not really confirmed but there was talks about it, since Park Shi Hoo cameo’ed on Dr. Champ. I do hope she shows up in QoR! That would be awesome. Oh, and I didn’t know you were watching Daemul! I had to drop it… Too busy!

      • so excited for her cameo!!!! anyways, QoR is really fun to watch..i’m liking the chemistry between junho and namjoo, and also shi hoo with his assistant…love their banters!! i ship them!! hahaha

        Daemul had my attention until ep4 but after ep5, i stopped watching…the off-screen drama really affected the drama..maybe i’ll pick it up again if i’m not busy (which will be unlikely, for my semester will start again next week…)

        sorta done with joseon xfiles, and skks…currently following dr. champ and QoR…marathoning giant (i’m on ep 13..sigh) anticipating mary, athena, secret garden…will check ep5-6 of flames (did it get better?) and ep1-2 of home sweet home (just because kim gab soo was on it- he was the killed person)..daemul and runaway is on the back burner…and crying for the drama gods to let me manage to do all this, because i still have comrades, life is beautiful, and harvest villa to start and finish…sigh!!!!

  3. omgee – you both are right! about the cameos – and about the drama awards… although i doubt KSY will get daesang since none of her dramas were big ratings hits… BUT hopefully she’ll get best couple with park shi hoo, and maybe best actress or something

  4. right!!! best couple with PARK SHI HOO!!!! then they will hug, then they will…okay i’ll stop now…really hoping she will get acting awards and be further recognized for her works (that includes her wearing the atrocious hair ma hye ri is sporting..hahaha)

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