News Bits: 11/2/10 Edition

YAYYYY – Birdie Buddy has an air date! I’m not excited because I want to watch the drama. It’s just that, I’m mildly curious as to how UEE will portray a non-bitchy role, and I’m mildly empathetic to the cast and crew who have been working hard and not hearing anything about a broadcast date.

But here goes – the broadcast date is set for March 2011.

They will continue with production throughout November and December, thus becoming a pre-produced drama.

Jung Kyung Ho of Smile You and Ja Myung Go is going off to the military. He will enlist on November 30th. Bye bye, smiling face. I hope Lee Min Jung visits you!

And Hyun Bin will be going on March 2011 – so bye bye brooding face! I hope Song Hye Gyo visits you!

After Kim Soo Hyun’s casting announcement, Taecyeon officially joins the cast of Dream High as a skilled dancer who was kicked out of school but then brought back by special request. Bad boy much?

Park Shi Hoo is off to Japan to promote Prosecutor Princess! (I’m sure he has plenty of time to do so considering he doesn’t have much screen time on Queen of Reversals just yet.) Band Monday Kiz (who sang the haunting “Goodbye My Princess” – every time it came on you just knew something bad for our OTP was going to happen.) will be joining him as well for the event.

Yoo Seung Ho is one ahjumma-killer isn’t he? Not that Kim Ha Neul is an ahjumma, but he’ll be costarring with her in a thriller film “Blind.” Kim plays a blind woman who witnesses a crime, and Yoo acts as her “eyes.”

source: dramabeans, allkpop, asiae


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