News Bits: 11/1/10 Edition

New month! How was everyone’s Halloween? Anyone party it up? ‘Caaaaaaause I sure didn’t!

But I got lotsa candy. So take that!

Anyways – more candy – Jang Geun Suk sings! Actually – we all knew that already, especially if you watched You’re Beautiful or “Doremifasolatido.” But now he’s singing for the Mary Stayed Out All Night OST and I have to say, I don’t like it. I bet it’s going to be one of those songs I don’t like but will grow on me as it keeps playing. Maybe. “We Will Comeback” from I Am Legend was like that, but when I found out the lyrics I was like, “Hey! That’s not too bad!”

Selina’s condition worsens just a little over a week after her accident. She ran a high fever from her open wounds, and had blood oozing out of her injuries. Her limbs and back suffer from 3rd degree burns, and her face is still swollen. It is estimated that she will fully recover in a year, and even after that she may have some trouble walking. Visitation rights have been restricted to immediate family and her fiance. This is ridiculously scary – I’m really hoping she does not succumb to this. I know it’s not so bad that she’ll die, but it’s still pretty sad to see that she – a famous celebrity – is going to be really affected by this. I doubt she can ever be the same again…

But on to happier things – and just as scandalous – Wu Zun commented that the next celebrity quickie wedding will be his! He had a rumored “offscreen romance” with Charlene Choi during filming of “Butterfly Lovers” but it turned out to be impossible since she was married to Ronald Cheng. Then he was cast alongside Barbie Hsu in the upcoming film “Da Wu Sheng” but now she’s getting married! Poor guy – bad luck with the ladies. Come to the States – I’m sure there are plenty of ladies who want ya. 😉

Source: dramabeans, asianfanatics


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