News Bits: 11/30/10 Edition

End of November. 31 more days and it’s the end of 2010. It’s so scary fast…

To add to this nostalgic feeling that I’m having, let us all say goodbye to Jung Kyung Ho – who has left for the army. This charmer started our year (or more like latter end of 2009) with Smile You and brought so much laughter and tears to our lives that now he ends the year with a salute and a “See you again.” He also enters the army during a time of turmoil between the North and South Koreas. Best of luck!

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ATHENA Press Conference

Can I just say how beeyouuutiful this cast is? Oh I’m not biased at all!

The cast of ATHENA held their press conference today/yesterday-Korea-time, and the drama will premiere on December 12. Lee Jia stated that she did not use her stunt double as much as possible, wanting to “immerse herself” into the role and also experience shooting in a foreign country. (She’s cooler than Park Chae Rin in Secret Garden).

Choi Si Won said his bit – stating that he’s not worried about comparisons to T.O.P. for his work in IRIS. I doubt there’s much to compare, save for the fact that both are singer/rapper-turned-actors. After all, Si Won’s role is completely different to that of T.O.P.’s and they both have different acting strengths. If they play up the comedy for Si Won’s character, I will highly approve.

But on to the photos! AND the new trailer below!

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Lee Jong Seok is Jay Park’s Replacement

Aha… I’d been watching Secret Garden while completely forgetting the minute fact that Jaebeom Park was supposed to be in it. Har har. Turns out, it’s this kiddo – Lee Jong Seok. He plays Tae Sun – the singer-songwriter who rebuffs Oska continually.

(I think it’s clear I’m crazy about this drama – aside from Hyun Bin’s asshole-ery, it’s still something that’s attracting my attention week after week. His psyche is messed up, and he’s far worse than Seo In Woo I’ll give you that, but at least we know he IS mental. Seo In Woo was just obsessed with revenge, and yet perfectly sane. Joo Won is..not. But I’m sorry – I still laugh at how ridiculous he is, even when he’s mean. He’s too funny! I know I’ll probably eat my words once I watch episode 5.)

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Lee Joon Hyuk in Secret Garden

Secret Garden is literally my new obsession. I am really enjoying this drama, and I even feel like I could watch the episodes over and over again. I don’t know why – maybe it’s because I love seeing Hyun Bin as the imperfect arrogant chaebol, or maybe because I love kickass girls, or maybe because I love Yoon Sang Hyun’s over the top performance as Oska – the man who thinks he’s the hottest thing in the world.

But now there’s Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hall, I Am Legend) in the mix! The PD and writer of City Hall are doing Secret Garden so they tapped him for a cameo. It seems like he will appear in the flashback that reveals more about Oska and Seul’s relationship. Looking forward to it!

source: newsen


Joseon X Files: A Review

So, after a little over a month of last posting my first impressions review, I can finally say that I am DONE with the series! I am kinda proud about it – if for a lame reason. It’s one of the few dramas I’ve seen all year that I finished without recapping. (Coffee House does not count, because I did a live recap of it.)

There’s a short and long version of what I think about the drama. The short is: Meh.

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South Korea vs. North Korea and Kim Hye Sung

Kim Hye Sung (Unstoppable High Kick) has announced that he will enlist in early 2011, which is earlier than expected since he’s only 22. Most stars enlist as late as possible, since when they’re in their early-twenties they’re already making a name for themselves. He’s a solid actor, although he hasn’t done anything that would catapult him into perhaps Lee Min Ho-levels of fame just yet. But it’s scary that he’s a young lad and enlisting at this time, considering what happened just yesterday in South Korea.

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The Warrior’s Way in Seoul

I have to say, I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY loving Secret Garden. Despite his jerk-like antics, Hyun Bin’s pretty funny because he’s really just a little boy who doesn’t know how to say to the girl, “I like you.” So he just makes fun of her all the time.

But speaking of which, “The Warrior’s Way” had its premiere in Seoul today, and Kate Bosworth, Hyun Bin, and Go So Young (Mrs. Jang Dong Gun) were among those in attendance.

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