Hotelier and Barbie Hsu’s Engagement

Ok – double whammy. 1) There will be a Chinese version of Hotelier.

Say WHAT!?

I LOVED Hotelier for only one reason – Kim Seung Woo. I do not think it merits to be remade a million times, since I think the story was so-so and the other characters were not interesting. Sure, they made a Japanese version, and I can see why – it’s got Bae Yong Joon. That’s all. But a Chinese version?! It’s like them making the Chinese version of All About Eve - which I must say isn’t all too compelling. Translating it is like, “Really? They say those lines with a straight face?” And Jang Hyuk’s hair ain’t so hot.

Anyways, the director of the drama announced that Barbie Hsu would not be starring in his drama because she’s too busy dating. More like engaged is what it’s like. That’s number 2).

After a mere 20 days, the 34-year old actress of Meteor Garden and Summer’s Desire is engaged to 29-year old millionaire restaurateur Wang Xiao Fei. And this news comes just when the two of them were reportedly dating other people, Shone An for her, and Kitty Zhang for him. It’s a rumor that’s been sorta confirmed already, and Barbie Hsu pretty much said this on her blog:

“You may know someone for many years but still feel like a stranger. Yet there are some whom you feel like you’ve known for a lifetime when you first meet them. This is called fate. There are some days that are absolutely stale, and some events that happen overnight. This is called God’s will.”

Yep – she’s engaged all right. Her younger sister Dee Hsu of the show “Kang Xi Lai Le” didn’t confirm (although her mother-in-law did. I love how huge Asian families are, and the more distant they are, the more involved in the subject’s lives they are), but said she would be happy for her sister no matter what.

Hm – so who else is known for the quickie engagements? There was Britney Spears and Jason Alexander…and a few others I can’t think of. Oh right – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – although, that was longer than 20 days.

source: xinmsn


3 thoughts on “Hotelier and Barbie Hsu’s Engagement

  1. wow!! hotelier??! that was boring as hell even my byj love before didn’t stop me from snoozing…and the more shocking news for me is barbie is 34?! yep, i enjoyed meteor garden to death (first non-homeland drama i watch that is not american)..but didn’t keep up with them afterwards…she sure looks younger…

    • whaaaaat?! it was GRIPPING!!! or… more like… i was gripping the TV screen and yelling: “Gosh darn it, why won’t you end up with KIM SEUNG FREAKIN’ WOO!? he’s so much better than BAE YONG BORING JOON!”

      • well i watched it decades ago (right after winter sonata hahaha!!!) and from what i can remember (well not much i can remember, i can’t even recall the storyline for goodness sake) i didn’t like it…well because i didn’t like the OTP…i think my reaction is a more subdued kind of yours…like “Kim Seung Woo is the better guy…but anyway, *snooze*”…maybe i’ll watch it again sometime later…(when will that be?)

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