News Bits: 10/30/10 Edition

It’s nearly the end of October! I feel like just a few posts ago I was like, “It’s the start of October!” Weird…

Anyways – I think this news bits edition will focus on singers-turned-idol-actors. To start, Eric Mun of ShinHwa is now out of the army! He is one of the ones who entered late in age, since an accident in 2006 led him to enter the army in 2008. He will begin filming the new drama Poseidon. Say hi!

This morning I overheard the Filipino news channel – “TV News Patrol” reporting that Charice Pempengco was taken to a hospital in Singapore due to food poisoning. She recovered and is supposedly getting ready for her next concert/performance. Girl does not let sickness stop her!

BoA released more photos of her filming ATHENA with Jung Woo Sung. I thought she was just going to be in a concert and such – not in the desert with Jung. She also posted a “funny faces” photo with Jung on her Twitter account.

Younha – one of my fave pop/rock singers thanks to dramabeans – is going to make an acting debut in Korea. Actually – she’s already acted in two Japanese projects, since she debuted in Japan first as a singer and then went to Korea. She will star in “Life is Beautiful” (Writers, Producers, Directors – can you PLEASE come up with a more original project title? I think there are three Life is Beautiful’s running around now – not including the Italian classic film “Life is Beautiful”). She will costar with Ryu Seung Beom, who is an ex-pro baseball player-turned-insurance-salesman. Her character is an aspiring singer. I think they always give singers-turned-actors a role that reflects their life so that it gives the script an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Indie singer Yozoh made her appearance at the Pusan International Film Festival to promote her latest film “Come, Closer.” You can read her interview here. She seems to be an awkward kind of girl (in a good way) who’d rather be left alone with her work than have to deal with interviews, Twitter, and all that stuff that “make” a star.

Lee Seung Gi and Micky Yoochun were ranked at the top of a list that determined which acting idols were the best in acting. I totally don’t agree with the ranking for Eun Jung in Coffee House versus Ji Yeon. I can’t judge on Nam Gyu Ri since I have never seen her act.

1. Lee Seung Gi

2. Micky Yoochun

3. Kim Hyun Joong

4. Choi Si Won

5. Nam Gyu Ri (for Life is Beautiful)

6. Lee Hong Ki

7. Jung Yong Hwa

8. Ji Yeon

9. UEE

10. Eun Jung

11. Kim Hee Chul

sources: allkpop, dramabeans, asiae, TV News Patrol


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 10/30/10 Edition

  1. that list is wack..khj over siwon?!!! jiyeon over eun jung?!!! (even though i didn’t like eunjung’s portrayal of her character)

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