Shin Se Kyung and Jong Hyun are a Couple

Ooooh – Shin Se Kyung is dating…! She’s now dating a member of SHINee, Jong Hyun, for approximately 20 days now, though they’ve known each other longer. They first met in May during a concert. Since both share common interests in music and similar hobbies, they got along more quickly and progressed to being a couple.

They’ve been spotted constantly taking walks and avoiding fans as they try to go about as an ordinary couple. Both of them have admitted that they can’t spend much time together due to their busy schedules, so their “dates” are usually just walks. The two 21-year-olds text each other frequently to make up for the distance.

Unfortunately, SHINee’s fans have lashed out at Shin Se Kyung, angry that she’s dating Jong Hyun (like he’d ever date any one of them). They left negative comments on her personal website that it got shut down. Girls. Chill.

source: asianfanatics, asiae


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