Filipino Food – A Parody

OK – so clearly every so often I put up a really random post, and you may enjoy it, or not. Whatever – I do. 😀

If you know anything about Filipinos, Filipino food, or about how Filipinos usually replace their ‘f’s with ‘p’s, then you might enjoy the video.

Or, if you like Katy Perry and/or “California Girls” you might like this video too.

Or if you like Katy Perry but HATE “California Girls” (like I do) then you’ll enjoy this video.

😀 OK – enough justifications.


6 thoughts on “Filipino Food – A Parody

  1. LOL. I LOVEEEEEEEE THIS! So I’m stealing it! 😛 I like Katy Perry (kind of) but I ABHOR “California Girls.” “Teenage Dream” is alright but CA Girls is blegggh.

  2. ME TOO! Argh. I used to live near Filipino friends, and their Moms would make lumpia and other goodies. I miss it! T_T haha.

  3. OMG!!!! I’m a Filipino, born and living here….and of course, i love me my own foods…and ILOVEYOU guys for loving it also!!!!!! OMG!!! so hilarious!!!! and endodo4ever, my favorite food is LUMPIA also, especially my mom’s….god, ILOVEYOU!!!!

    • well hells yeah! *cyber high five*! now we’re a growing community of filipinos and filipino lovers! i don’t know what’s with you people and lumpia. it’s longanisa, pork bbq, and HALO HALO all the way! (with leche flan and ube ice cream please!)

  4. *pak* (the sound produced after the cyber high five)…wow!!! HALO HALO!!! now, i’m drooling…gotta have that later in the afternoon…

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