S.H.E.’s Selina in an Explosive Accident

While filming her drama I Have a Date With Spring in Shanghai, Selina suffered 3rd degree burns when an explosion was accidentally set off earlier than intended. She and her costar Yu Hao Ming were immediately taken to a hospital and treated for their burns, which covered their arms and legs, and parts of their torso.

The two of them were reportedly nervous about the upcoming shoot and the safety issues, but previous tests of the explosives had shown no signs of a problem. However, when they went off prematurely, Yu reportedly covered Selina with his body, and so he suffered greater injuries than she.

Selina flew back to Taiwan on Sunday to receive further treatment and underwent a five-hour surgery to remove the damaged skin tissue. She will most likely have to undergo skin transplant and other plastic surgery, as well as rehabilitation. At first, due to risk of infection, only family members and her fiance were allowed to visit, but just recently Ella and Hebe went to see her in the hospital.

Rumors are running amok in regards to how the explosion went off, but until then, at least both stars are getting treated and on the road to recovery.

sources: asianfanatics, channel news asia


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