Sungkyunkwan Off-screen Scandal

Hmm – so while Sungkyunkwan Scandal has a rabid online following (and quite live-TV following as well, since the ratings are pretty decent) I’m sure many are going crazy over the Jalgeum Quartet, particularly Yoon Hee/Yoon Shik and Seon Joon. That just adds fuel to rumors of a Park Min Young – Micky Yoochun romance.

Their close relationship offscreen has been touted as a “romance” and the rumors got out of hand enough that Park’s agency had to step up and say that they weren’t true. Then again, they also said:

“…there would be nothing wrong with them seeing each other on good terms but reporting on something that isn’t true as if it’s true is going a bit too far.”

Yeah sure… I’m sure you guys were the ones who leaked the news to the press too. But it looks like her agency kinda wants to see her hook up with Yoochun.

source: asiae


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