News Bits: 10/20/10 Edition

Rain can’t seem to catch a break. When he tries to do a world tour – he ends up canceling concerts. When he is given a guaranteed hit of a drama – its ratings tank once Daemul hits the screens (although Daemul is suffering internally – so it’s not really “winning”). And then when he does have his acting career restarted – he’s hit with gambling accusations. A Korean American named Andrew Kim (who could just be in search of his fifteen minutes of fame) claims that he filed a lawsuit against Rain for $150,000 that the star never paid back. Apparently it was because of his gambling debt. Part of the accusations also includes the fact that Rain applied for a green card in the States to avoid military duty.

Rain’s agency J.Tune Entertainment (conveniently a company he started) vows to defend him at all cost against this slanderous statement. I don’t believe the gambling debt, but I’m more likely to believe the green card issue. Heh.

So on to Daemul – poor drama can’t catch a break. First a switch in screenwriters, then a second director is brought on to help film the show (while original director Oh Jung Rok stays more in the background and working on the script), and now, Oh Jung Rok has permanently left the show, leaving it all in the hands of Kim Chul Kyu. Oh has previously done Style, which I don’t have much high regard or interest for. He also was the one who had all the issues with the writers and with the production company. Man..what the heck? Maybe all this scandal is leading to the high ratings for Daemul, because aside from the storyline, everyone wants to know just how good/bad the episodes are.

Rainie Yang broke down onstage during her concert in Singapore. She let the tears fall as she remembered her close friend Beatrice Lun, a fellow actress who died in a car crash three years ago. You can also watch her concert video here.

source: asiae, dramabeans, xin msn


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