News Bits: 10/19/10 Edition

C.N. Blue’s Min Hyuk is going to make an acting debut! (I knew the cutie pie had it in him! Maybe.) He will star opposite Moon Chae Won (of the brilliant Shining Inheritance and the snoozefest Take Care of the Young Lady), in the new series It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (or also known as Dad, Your Daughter is OK). The series follows Moon’s character, who must support her family after her father’s accident. Min Hyuk’s character is a drummer (huh – what a stretch) who is in love with Moon one-sidedly. His role screams “second male lead.” Aw. Maybe next time?

Jeon Tae Soo of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (as Ha In Soo) and Yoon Seung Ah of Playful Kiss (as Dokko Min Ah) will stop being ratings rivals and second fiddles, and lead a new daily sitcom called All My Love. The sitcom also stars Jo Kwon and Ga In, but instead of being married or love interests, they become another kind of duo… twins! (I find that SO UNSETTLING. But OK – it’s not like they’re really married…right?)

This article was more about Seo Woo’s acting skills (or lack thereof). However – the picture was more interesting to me – in the top photo she looks like Ga In (a miracle, I say, since Ga In’s eyes are one-fifth the size of Seo Woo’s) and in the second photo she looks like the Asian Lindsay Lohan.

I don’t know if you’re following Runaway: Plan B, but I am sporadically via dramafever. But in a recent episode (no. 6), an excellent, well-made chase scene also leads to an accidental “butt kiss” (accidental within the drama, totally scripted for the drama). As Rain and Lee Na Young were running away from Lee Jung Jin and his female sidekick, they got into a car and…

Ji Woo was in such a hurry when he got in the car that he sat on Jin Yi’s laps directly while running away. Jin Yi yelled at him by saying, “Remove your butt,” but it was too late. […] After the 6th episode was aired, the viewers called the scene the “Butt kiss” and delivered their favorable opinions of the drama by saying, “I really laughed out loud. There had been a sudden kiss between two actors, and today they had kissed on the hips. The best scene of today’s episode was Jin Yi’s kiss scene on Ji Woo’s hips.”

Aw hells yeah! That must’ve been awkward!

source: asiae, dramabeans, allkpop, soompi


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 10/19/10 Edition

  1. in soo in a sitcom???? brain.does.not.compute… and for gain and jo kwon….super ewwwwww!!!!!!!! after the kissing and all,….. then siblings…. as for minhyuk…yay for cutie!!!!, though i don’t think he can act, yong hwa may be suited for it but its another 2nd lead character so….and for moon chae won, her first leading role is long overdue, so yaaayyyyy again!!!!!

      • yeah – it sounds like it. except, i’m hoping that jeon tae soo and yoon seung ah are the leads, or if not them then some veteran actors. i’d rather have the idol dramas be the side dishes than the main course… 😛

        then again, you never know if they’ll impress! 😀

      • like how micky is impressing me in skks, though nothing beats the crazy horse…yummmm!!!!!

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